Wye Valley Brewery has launched a kegged version of its popular Wholesome Stout

The kegged product is nitrogenated, giving the Stout a smooth-flow finish and superior taste, and elevating this traditional style beer into a more modern format.

The brewery, which is well-known for its cask and bottle-conditioned products, has wanted to keg the Wholesome Stout for some time, and the decision has been welcomed by landlords looking for a locally produced keg stout.

In celebration of the launch, Wye Valley Brewery hosted an event at the brewery in Stoke Lacy on the 19th of October, attended by more than 50 free-trade pub landlords.

The product will be available to order by the brewery’s pub customers in the Midlands, into the Cotswolds and across South Wales.

Source: Wye Valley Brewery

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