YoCrunch Launches Yopa!

YoYoCrunch, the yogurt brand known and loved for its creative flavors and delicious toppings, announced the launch of Yopa!, a new line of authentic, strained Greek yogurt.

Yopa!, a contraction of Yo’ (short for yogurt) and Opa! (the Greek cheer for joy), will be available immediately in the US for around $1.39/cup and $3.49/4-pack.

Yopa! is the latest farm-fresh dairy product from YoCrunch and will be available in vanilla and four of the most popular fruit flavor combinations, including blueberry, strawberry, black cherry and peach.

The super-creamy, Greek non-fat yogurt, which is high in protein, is made in the traditional way and from regionally-sourced milk.

Yopa! celebrates its introduction with a unique “Like It or It’s Free” satisfaction guarantee. Consumers are encouraged to try Yopa! risk-free as a testament of the company’s confidence in its new product line.*

Self-proclaimed, life-long fan of YoCrunch, Gabby Douglas, the 2012 two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and 2012 Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year, will serve as the spokeswoman for Yopa!

She is featured on the packaging, and in advertising and promotions. The tagline for Yopa!, “Balance Perfected,” complements both Gabby’s athletic prowess and her zest for life.

Growing up, I would always reach for YoCrunch because the variety of crunchy, flavorful toppings made me look forward to breakfast and it was something easy and affordable for my mom to give to me on the go,” reminisced Gabby.

The new Yopa! cups are the perfect food for me to have before a morning workout because they are packed with protein and all-natural ingredients that fuel me up for hours.

Four gallons of regionally-sourced milk are used to produce each seemingly decadent gallon of Yopa! yogurt – packing in lots of protein by using an authentic, strained Greek recipe.

With quality yogurt that contains no preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners, Yopa! perfectly balances taste, texture and protein to satisfy even the pickiest eaters looking for an on the go snack or meal replacement.

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