YULA Unveils Immersive Amazonian AR Insta-filter for All Cans and City Murals

Cult’s experiential campaign is bringing YULA’s purpose to life

YULA, the innovative natural energy drink brand from Pepsi Lipton International, have been working hard on their commitment to tackle the deforestation of the Amazon. To raise awareness of the cause, they’ve teamed up with street artist SMOK to bring the Amazon jungle to life on the streets of Belgium.

To complement the collaboration with SMOK, YULA’s creative agency Cult has worked with emerging creative technologist Katya Pavlenko to create an immersive Amazon jungle AR experience. The AR Instagram filter is activated by both the mural and by every YULA can, to celebrate the brand’s first purpose driven campaign. 

YULA is a 100% plant powered energy drink, inspired by the power found deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Its name is rooted in an ancient tribal language combining the words for “tree” and “energy”. Launched in 2018, YULA partnered with One Tree Planted, the non-profit organisation dedicated to global reforestation. Together, they’ve exceeded their original target of replanting 250,000 trees in the Amazon and have replanted over 280,000 trees, setting a new target of 500,000 by 2024. Cult has championed this success across all the brands social channels. 

Louize Khan, Global Brand Director, Pepsi-Lipton, said “The YULA brand is built on purpose. We are inspired by the Amazon in everything we do, and therefore we fully believe in the importance of giving back to the Amazon through our reforestation program. Our partnership with One Tree Planted is incredibly important to the brand , and we wanted to celebrate this by bringing the vibrancy of the Amazon to our consumers. This uplifting and colourful AR campaign is exactly what YULA needs to capture the attention of our target audience and – allowing them to experience the brand wherever they are.”

SMOK is widely known for using street-art as a means to shed light on species endangerment. With the help of Pavlenko’s AR technology, consumers are immersed into the sights and sounds of the Amazon jungle by simply using their phone. 

Cat Turner, co-founder & CCO, Cult said“Whether holding the YULA can or standing by the mural itself, your phone becomes a portal into another world, a world of Amazonian trees and plants reaching out to you with exotic animals, birds and insects all singing for your attention. Technology and creativity are fast becoming one of the same thing. Brands must embrace the unknown to stay relevant.”

Pepsi Lipton International approached creative agency Cult to devise YULA’s brand platform and launch campaign for the new plant-based energy drink inspired by the Amazon rainforest. The name combines the words for “tree” and “energy” from an ancient tribal language, and it’s 100% natural energy is powered with guarana berries, green tea and green maté. Additionally, YULA contains less sugar than traditional energy drinks, with a natural taste. 

Bridey Lipscombe, co-founder and MD, Cult added “Cult has partnered with some of the leading AR creatives, 3D artists and avatar animators to deliver a world-class Virtual Sampling Service for brands needing to reach consumers using technology to replicate real-world senses. Many marketers may find this new world daunting – but it represents great possibility.” 

Cult have always been advocates of providing emerging talent with opportunities to work on active briefs, and this year Cult worked with previous YULA D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil winner Lucas Dangavs. Lucas has now worked across several projects with YULA, including the announcement of their replanting target and SMOKs social media amplification across the YULA channels.

Source: CULT

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