66% of UK will Prepare a Special Christmas Day Dinner… For Their Dog

Zac+and+Charlie+enjoying+their+FDogs set to enjoy ‘season’s eatings’ as owners give them a taste of Christmas.

With the celebration season around the corner, a survey from super-premium pet brand Fish4Dogs has revealed that Christmas Dinner is definitely on the menu for the pooches in our lives. As well as receiving cards, presents and special treats, many pampered pets are this year set to enjoy sitting down to a Christmas dinner which has been specially prepared by their loving owners.

In fact proving how much a part of the family pets really are, the study of 800 people found that 66% of pet owners from across the UK will prepare a special Christmas Day dinner. Pets will also share in all of the traditions that their owners enjoy, with 64% receiving a present, 70% being given a stocking and a further 79% of pets having their names signed within a Christmas card.

The survey, which looked into the attitudes and behaviours of consumers during the Christmas period, coincided with the launch of the brands ‘Fishmas Box’ which is a gift that owners can buy their fish-loving pooches for the festive season.

The survey also found a strong appetite from owners to bake their own treats, with 27% of owners planning to spend around 30 minutes in the kitchen creating a special seasonal tasty treat. In response, Fish4Dogs has created a series of special baking recipes, including ‘Cranberry Fishmas Cookies’, ‘Salmon Starter Trio Tart’ and ‘Carrot Cake Muffins’, so dogs can enjoy a special seasonal treat whilst their owners tuck into their mince pies.

The ‘Fishmas Box’ includes a range of the company’s award-winning product offering; Superior Adult, Finest Salmon Mousse, Finest Trout Mousse, Sea Wraps, Sea Jerky and Salmon Strips and is available through the website, fish4dogs.com retailing at £15.00. All of Fish4Dogs baking recipes will be available on Fish4Dogs Facebook page.

Graham Smith, Chief Executive of Fish4Dogs said, “Giving our dog treats and presents at Christmas is something most of us will do, and hopefully the ‘Fishmas Box’ will be exactly what your pooch will want to find underneath the tree. We created the gift box with Christmas Day in mind and included a variety of our products that could be used as a starter, main and dessert.”

“Seeing in our results that owners are starting to bake for their pets, we also cooked up the idea of using our products to create some Christmas recipes that owners could use. With the UK gripped by cooking and baking fever we think that this Christmas, getting in the kitchen to create a special treat for our dogs will become the start of the ‘Great British Bark Off’,” added Graham.

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