7UP’s New Digital Bartender Turns Customers Into A Master Mixologist

Calling all cocktail and mocktail enthusiasts: Serve this summer’s most buzzworthy drinks using the 7UP Digital Bartender, a new mobile only website from the versatile soft drink.

The ultimate drink-crafting tool makes it easy to pour beverages worthy of a cocktail connoisseur from the comfort of your own home. Or tap the 7UP Digital Bartender to impress at your next backyard barbecue or summer soiree. All you need is a smartphone, a glass and ice to get mixing.

The 7UP Digital Bartender mobile tool shows you how to pour more than 30 custom drink recipes with tips from any smartphone. Easy-to-follow visuals and videos provide step-by-step directions, and measuring the perfect pour is as simple as sizing the in-screen graphic to match the size of your glass. With just a few taps on a mobile device, you can be sipping on quality drinks of your own selection.

“The Digital Bartender showcases 7UP’s versatility as a staple ingredient in classic cocktails and mocktails, and it is a tool we expect to build on throughout the year as we introduce new mixes,” said Kevin Brandvold, director of marketing for 7UP. “No matter your drink preference, there is a recipe for you, whether you’re entertaining a large group or relaxing by the pool this summer.”

All 7UP Digital Bartender recipes can be made with simple ingredients. The mobile site includes 30 unique cocktail and mocktail recipes developed by professionals, including takes on classics like a Manhattan or mojito and brand-new cocktails like the 7UP Side-Down Cake. More recipes will be added throughout the year.

Source: 7UP

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