A Pop-Up Restaurant That Delivers Hot Sandwiches Using Miniature Parachutes

In Australia, Jaffles are toasted sandwiches that the locals eat. A pop-up restaurant has combined this food with parachutes, or “Jafflechutes”, using a creative method of delivery to get food to customers.

As the name suggests, the restaurant delivers orders by sending these hot sandwiches down seven stories in a parachute. Customers pay for a sandwich using PayPal, and wait for their jafflechute at a designated spot, which is marked with an “X”.

The sandwich floats down and customers have a lot of fun catching it.

Founders David McDonald and Adam Grant came up with this method to deliver food to many people in big cities, and had to consider creative methods as they were located on the seventh floor.

They are trying to come up with alternate modes of payment to serve more customers, and are open to suggestions on Twitter.


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