A Taste of the Florida Sunshine Came to King’s Cross

  • The Sunshine State comes to King’s Cross
  • Commuters treated to a vitamin C kick-start with Florida Grapefruit
  • Installation invites commuters to get a taste of Florida sunshine

Florida Grapefruit season is upon us, adding a touch of sunshine to the wet and windy British winter, with its deliciously sweet pink flesh and unparalleled flavour.

To celebrate the season, Florida Grapefruit brightened the day of commuters as it unveiled a 2.5m grapefruit tree in King’s Cross on Thursday 22nd February. The tree will be bringing a taste of the Sunshine State to London, as commuters, foodies and visitors alike can get their hands on the sweet taste of Florida sunshine.

With the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavours, Florida Grapefruit is at its best from January to March, the coldest season in Florida.

Thanks to the abundance of sunshine throughout the year, Florida Grapefruit is naturally sweeter and juicier than the average grapefruit found on UK supermarket shelves. An often-underrated fruit, Florida Grapefruit is packed full of nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is essential at this time of year, with just one Florida Grapefruit providing 100% of your recommended daily value.

Florida Grapefruit is grown in a subtropical climate with moderate temperatures, abundant rainfall, plentiful sunshine, and sandy soil to create the sweetest and juiciest grapefruit in the world. The majority of Florida Grapefruit is grown in the Indian River region of the state, which stretches more than 200 miles and is the proud home of delicious grapefruit.

John Fuller, Global Marketing Director of the Florida Department of Citrus, says: “This winter, we wanted to bring a bit of Florida sunshine to London. This is our opportunity to showcase the incredible taste of Florida Grapefruit and offer people the chance to try for themselves the sweet and juicy flavours of our Florida Grapefruit and add an extra sweet treat to their Thursday commute. Perfect for elevating any dish or drink, we hope everyone enjoys a little taste of sunshine and a sneak peek at beautiful Florida weather.”

Situated at King’s Cross station, the Florida Grapefruit tree will be available to the public from 8:30am – 6:30pm to pick their desired grapefruit for a well-deserved sample served by the Florida Grapefruit team.

Florida Grapefruit can be enjoyed in zesty dishes and drinks, or as a standalone delicious snack.

Florida Grapefruit worked with i2i marketing to design and coordinate the tree build at Kings Cross.

Source: Florida Grapefruit

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