An Edible Blob-Like ‘Water Ball’ That Does Not Require Any Packaging

Ooho1Three London-based industrial design students have created the ‘Ooho’, an edible water bottle that looks like a blob.

It is modeled on molecular gastronomy techniques and the students claim it is biodegradable, durable, hygienic, and easy and cheap to make.

It contains water in a double membrane through ‘spherification’, which is the technique of shaping liquids into spheres, and is similar to how an egg yolk holds its shape. It was first introduced in laboratories in 1946 and has since been adopted by restaurants like Spain’s elBulli.

Ooho3The double membrane is made of brown algae and calcium chloride, protecting the water inside and allowing labels to be inserted between the two layers without adhesive.

By creating a self-contained water pouch without the need for packaging, the designers wanted to address the usage of disposable drinking bottles. They also hope that it will reduce manufacturing costs as the bulk of it comes from producing bottles.

Ooho2“The reality is that more and more, when we drink water we throw away a plastic bottle. Eighty percent of them are not recycled. This consumerism reflects the society in which we live,” said Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, who designed it together with his fellow students Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche.

The ‘Ooho’ won the Lexus Design Award and will be on display during Milan Design Week.

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