Anna de Codornίu Launches a New Look for a New Year

Laughing friends drinking Champagne at outdoor partyAnna de Codorníu, Spain’s leading sparkling wine, has an irresistible new look for its popular Brut and Brut Rosé labels – as well as an inviting message for wine lovers: What are you Celebrating? Reminding us that every day is cause for celebration, Anna’s chic packaging design launches nationally this month and reflects the brand’s stylish image.

Opening bubbly for “special occasions only” has become a relic of the past and Anna has long been on hand to make every day extraordinary. Toasting with Anna is an effortless way for friends to add charm and excitement to life events, from girls’ night out to movie night, casual brunch, or an elegant soirée. To help make every day more of a celebration, Anna is sponsoring a national series of house parties, tasting events, and social media programs; find out more at Anna’s Facebook page.

65124-photo-5-originalAnna is sourced from the best quality estate-grown fruit from vineyards near Barcelona. Steeped in the life and legacy of Spain’s premier sparkling wines, known as “cava,” Anna debuted in 1984 as the first cava to incorporate Chardonnay, resulting in the vibrant, crisp profile that is a signature of the wine.

Anna is named for the last heiress of the Codorníu winemaking family who married winemaker Miquel Raventós in 1659; her descendants were the first to master the “Méthode Traditionelle” of making sparkling wine in Spain, and thus began the rich history of cava. Then and now, the family behind Anna has been inspired by the strong character of the Spanish woman who launched a winemaking dynasty more than three centuries ago.

Anna Brut and Brut Rosé retail for $14.99 and are exclusively distributed by Aveníu Brands based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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