APPARTEMENT 103 Designs Modelo Pura Malta

Cerveza Modelo, the iconic Mexican Lager owned by Ab Inbev, has commissioned Appartement 103 to develop its latest innovation amidst the current global pandemic, by designing a new permanent product within the range, honouring Mexican farmers who have dedicated their lives to agriculture, progress and development.

Following a challenging year where Mexico’s brewing industry came to a halt in 2020, breweries shut down, and barley crops were threatened. Therefore, to avoid the loss and economic damage that Mexico’s small producers could potentially endure, Cerveza Modelo took bold action and bought all the farmers’ barley production and crafted a new premium beer, Modelo Pura Malta. 

Appartement 103’s role was as challenging and honorific as how big the cause was.
Our design team focused on highlighting the purity, transparency and taste which are key attributes that conveyed the craftmanship and farming essence of a high-quality product made by Mexicans for Mexicans.

Using earthy tones of colors and recycled materials the design presentation enhance crafted credentials while the premium cues were injected through a play of gold hot-foil details.

In addition, acting as a stamp of approval, we included the signature of Agustin Perex, the Maestro of Malta, adding vibrancy and refinement to the overall design. 
Since its launch, this new member of the Modelo family has been generating differentiation for consumers by emotionally connecting them with the idea of supporting their local agricultural communities.

“Innovation in a category as mature a beer is always challenging. For Modelo Pura Malta we wanted to make sure that every single detail in the product ecosystem was connected with the origin of the purest beer of México. An initiative that was born as a social action to help local farmers through COVID crisis, became the highest expression of local beer expertise. Appartment103 design beautifully portrays the origin and purpose of Modelo Pura Malta.”, says Alejandro Gutierrez, AB Inbev’s Global, Premium & Craft Brands Director.

Source: Appartement 103

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