The unions between Zapp Retail Sainsbury’s M&S & Kaytea coldbrew drinks is NEW but already bearing significant organic fruit, building a significant head of steam within high profile urban head offices as diverse as Netflix, Google, Bloomberg, VISA, Glencore…. As a brand that enjoys a considerable urban presence, Kaytea is enjoying the fruits of a growing clamour for non-carbonated soft drinks.

Whilst the choice of traditional fizzy drinks remains vast, the choice of high-end, uncarbonated soft drinks has historically been limited to old-school cordials, claggy coconut waters and unimaginative fructose-heavy juices.

According to Kaytea founder, Kevin Tang, ‘We’re surprised what a non-fizzy beneficiary we’ve become in short space of time as the Kaytea name blossoms.  Whilst carbonation was 1st imagined to provide an extra-sensory mouthfeel experience, there’s a growing appreciation that not only does fizz not offer the same level of natural refreshment, it’s often a cloaking mechanism for suppressing the unappealing taste of synthetic sweeteners that are often as unappetizing as the excessive sugar they replace.’

Proud of its low calorie pedigree, Kaytea is happy to be associated with small amounts of unrefined organic cane sugar because for all the sugar wariness that quite rightly exists it is at least at one with nature and at the opposite end of the trusted spectrum from synthetic aspartame

Non-carbonated drinks not only provide a setting for more sophisticated and involving flavour profiles to prosper, they also go better with food, honing as opposed to not overpowering one’s taste buds. Our commitment to real wow ingredients like jasmine, peach, mangoes, yuzu and grapefruit will always over-index any synthetic, lab-born flavours.

Soft drinks is certainly ripe for a more discerning push because once again more discerning consumers are steering clear of poor quality ingredients (synthetic nasties, artificial flavours) and excessive sugars.

Source: Kaytea

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