Atlantico Rum Expands To Mexico

1024x768Atlantico Rum, the specialty craft rum owned by Aleco Azqueta, Brandon Lieb and international music superstar Enrique Iglesias has announced distribution in Mexico, expanding the growing brand’s reach more than ever before.

The brand will be sold at La Europea, Mexico’s prominent gourmet food and spirit retailer, as well as numerous high-end restaurants and bars in Mexico.

“Atlantico Rum has become a favorite in the United States and internationally among those who appreciate a delicious, quality rum,” commented Atlantico founder Aleco Azqueta.  “Expanding our distribution beyond the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean,  we are excited to continue our mission of providing quality craft rum to spirits connoisseurs around the world,” continued co-founder Brandon Lieb.

“Some of my best shows and memories were in Mexico, so I’m excited to now be able to share my rum with everyone there,” added Iglesias.

For more than 55 years La Europea has been a leader in the sale of wine, spirits and gourmet foods and operates over  40 branches located in Mexico, including Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Cuernavaca, Acapulco, Ixtapa, Leon, Queretaro, Los Cabos, Cancun , Playa del Carmen, Merida, San Miguel de Allende, Metepec, Valle de Bravo and Online Store.

atlantico-rum“We have been carefully watching Atlantico Rum and are excited at what it brings to the spirits category,” commented La Europea CEO Jose Ramon Ruiz, “We know it will be a new favorite among our customers.”

Atlantico Rum has received great acclaim since being launched in late 2008, winning numerous awards in tasting competitions and receiving glowing recommendations by noted rum experts.

The company was founded by veteran professionals Aleco Azqueta and Brandon Lieb, believing the time was right to deliver a premium Dominican rum to the market. Their search for the best source was arduous and challenging, but ultimately rewarding.

Atlantico was first made available in the Dominican Republic and Florida, and is now available in the United States Nationwide. The product has since earned a following among celebrities, trendsetters, elite bartenders and mixologists, and quality-seeking consumers from London to San Francisco and beyond.

The Atlantico Rum portfolio includes Atlantico Private Cask, the ultimate expression of Atlantico which is carefully created to reflect the heritage and craftsmanship of centuries of rum masters. Winner of countless awards and widely considered one of the finest rums in the world, it is a blend of small batched rums aged up to 25 years. Atlantico Private Cask offers initial notes of toffee, caramel and oak, which are warm and soothing, followed by hints of berries and maple.

Atlantico+Rum+Celebrates+Launch+Falling+Whistles+MHRw8kJkE4ZlAtlantico Reserva, a bit drier with notes of light oak and tropical fruits is a solera style rum, which uses different aged rums that are carefully selected and blended together by our third generation Master Blender.  The result is a vibrant rum with intense flavor and depth.

And finally Atlantico Platino, which is clean and smooth with notes of citrus and vanilla, is a handcrafted rum that blends fresh cane-juice based rums and molasses-based rums. The unique combination results in an incredibly smooth and flavorful light rum than can easily be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.

Atlantico Private Cask will retail for 634 Pesos; Atlantico Reserva will retail for 522 Pesos and Atlantico Platino will retail for 299 Pesos.

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