Beck’s Offers Facebook Fans 360-degree ‘CapCam’

Beer brand Beck’s has launched an innovative new campaign via social media that provides fans with a smartphone peripheral that transforms a standard mobile camera into a 360-degree-capable lens for recording images all around the user.

The ‘CapCam’ comes attached to the top of the beer brand’s pilsner bottle, and can be detached separately from the standard bottlecap and fitted to a smartphone or tablet camera. The CapCam was designed by Beck’s lead creative agency BBDO Duesseldorf, and includes branding for Beck’s beer.

CapCamThe special edition bottles are not available in-store, and must be won through a competition hosted on the Beck’s Facebook page which fans can enter.

“The basic idea is to provide an all-round view of those typical Beck’s moment shared with close friends,” said a spokesperson for BBDO Duesseldorf.

“Unfortunately, attempts to capture these moments on mobile phone videos just cannot compare. The Beck’s CapCam offers a much wider perspective and enables the user to film and view videos in 360-degree format before sharing them through the social media.”

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