#BeyondTaste, the campaign by Café de Colombia and McCann Worldgroup Colombia to taste coffee with your ears

Initiative covers Canada, China, South Korea, the United States, Finland, Japan, Norway and Sweden to promote the consumption of this product.

We are in a new paradigm of marketing to innovate through experiences and Café de Colombia, a brand of the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros- Fondo Nacional del Café (National Federation of Coffee Growers – National Coffee Fund), is the main character in this area. With the support of McCann Worldgroup Colombia, through the #BeyondTaste campaign, the FNC celebrated the 60th anniversary of the icon Juan Valdez with a synaesthetic song as its leading action: the theme alters the sense of taste through musical waves that intensify acidity and sweetness of coffee allowing consumers to taste it in a new way.

To achieve this effect, the brand worked with Felipe Reinoso, a researcher at the Universidad de los Andes, PhD in engineering and psychology, a specialist in multisensory experiences, who has specialized for five years in this area. He, together with the musical producers Miguel De Narváez and Juan Fernando Fonseca, in addition to the voice of Mariamulata, created the melody that aims to stimulate the consumption of 100% Colombian coffee in young people from Canada, China, South Korea, United States , Finland, Japan, Norway and Sweden.

“The way we listen can affect the experience of food and drink. Therefore, we can try to understand these associations and frame them as congruent or incongruous. By doing this, we can create music that most people tend to frame as sweet or sour,” Reinoso said. “We created a song integrating natural sounds with real Colombian music, in order to generate for the first time a multisensory tasting experience 100% made in Colombia,” he added.

The FNC is a non-profit organization that since 1927 has established itself as the largest rural NGO in the world, representing more than 540 thousand Colombian coffee-growing families.

“Colombian Coffee has been a benchmark for quality in the world for decades. What we seek is to take our clients to the next level of a different experience, where we involve other senses ”, commented Natalia Una Valencia, Director of Marketing and Public Relations of the FNC. Regarding global promotion, she asserted that “McCann Worldgroup presented a strategy that evidenced extensive knowledge of international markets, demonstrating the work of its extensive global network, thus taking advantage of a new and disruptive creative proposal.”

Diana Triana and Daniel González, GCD and CD of McCann stated “We are proud of  being able to carry abroad the message of such an emblematic brand for the country through a multisensory experience that really leaves you open-mouthed and flavored with coffee.”

The song Beyond Taste is available on Spotify  and YouTube with the message “Now you can taste the best coffee in the world with your ears.”

Client:  Café de Colombia

Agency: McCann Worldgroup Colombia 

Responsible for the client: Natalia Valencia.

CEO:      Álvaro José Fuentes. 

VP:        Andrés Jiménez.

DGC:     Diana Triana

DC:  Daniel González– Andrés Vergara de la Hoz

Copywriters:     Daniela Romero – Fernando Guevara

Head of Art:      Erik Puentes – Karol Beltrán – Juan Fandiño –– César Ordóñez.

Account director: Jaime Suárez.

Sound: Miguel de Narváez.

Source: McCann Worldgroup Colombia

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