Brand Studio Saboteur Uncorks A Creative Redesign For Wine Merchant Vintner

Saboteur has created a full re-brand and name change – from The Vintner to Vintner – for the London wine merchant as it transitions to a more consumer-facing brand intent on doubling its business within two years.

Saboteur helped Vintner redefine its target audience away from a B2B focus with on and off-trade clients, to a more consumer-focused brand with a broader appeal as the wine merchant for a modern and inclusive world of wine: ‘wine for all and all for wine’.

Paul Cardwell from Saboteur, said: “Our mission was to help Vintner to develop into a consumer-focused wine merchant that truly looks, behaves and sounds like no other. They’re an incredibly forward-thinking organisation with a mission to create a world of wine that’s joyful and inclusive. Their positioning “wine for all and all for wine” is at the heart of everything they do. 

“As a fledgling brand studio, this is our first truly full-scale rebrand and it shows off perfectly our ability to develop creative results that are truly grounded in effective strategic thinking. We’ve helped move Vintner away from a declining trade sector to a become a consumer first brand with a positioning, narrative, logo, tone-of-voice and set of brand guidelines which ensures they stand out from every other wine merchant. No stuffy cork shots. No over-used vineyard landscapes. But a relevant, playful and vibrant way of representing everything they do in a truly inclusive way.”

Julia Beran, Managing Director of Vintner said: “Working with Saboteur has been a game-changer for Vintner. They’ve helped develop us into a vibrant, consumer-first wine merchant that truly represents everyone and stands-out in a category that’s become stuffy and stale. We’re so proud of the new brand which is our window into a joyful, colourful and inclusive world of wine.”

Hamish Kirwan, Director of Operations at Vintner said: “We weren’t looking for an agency, we were looking to find a partner who could help reimagine and elevate our brand and empower our team to live and breathe it. The team at Saboteur share so many of our values and working with them has been a dream. Together we have created something new and exciting that we are incredibly proud of.”

Source: Saboteur

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