Budweiser responds to requests and returns thrones to pets at the NBA Finals

Give a throne to your pet and reclaim the couch. That’s Budweiser message to the big finals.

NBA is back, but there are guys that are not happy at all with the return: pets from basketball fans.

BUDWEISER | NBA | PETS from Africa on Vimeo.

The most exciting finals are back and everyone has a good reason to get excited and turn TV on again. Therefore, all those pets that were used to keep the sofa all to themselves during quarantine have just been down ranked to the floor again. They lost their spot on the most exclusive throne in any home.

As NBA sponsor in Brazil, Budweiser knows it has to take some of the blame for the whole situation. In order to fix this, the King of Beers has manufactured little beds worthy of these real kings and queens at home.

Bud has made a partnership with the largest Pet Care shop of Brazil to create special dog beds for this special kind of royalty. Influencers have received it in firsthand to promote the action, but the dog bed is already available through the Pet Care Shop e-commerce, in different sizes. Sales profit will be reverted to animal protection NGOs.

That way, fans get their thrones ensured to watch the basketball Kings while dogs and cats enjoy NBA on the comfort of their own little beds.

The film and project was created by ad agency Africa and is being run in Brazil.


Title: NBA – Pets
Agency: Africa

Client: AB Inbev

Product: Budweiser

CCO: Sergio Gordilho

ECD: Matias Menendez 

Creative Directors: Fernando Marar and Rodrigo Barbosa

Creative team: Alexandre Giampaoli and Lucas Adam

Digital Strategy: Alexandre Dourado Navaro

Creative Team/Digital Strategy: Bruno Reis and Joao Corazza

Client Services: Heloisa Pupim, Francine Pellacani, Juliana Pastori

Media: Rodrigo Famelli, Tony Arbex, Bruna Morano, Leonardo Cezar de Araujo, Fabio Vanucci
Planning:  Aldo Pini, Wesley Gagliano, Tuiuiu
Agency Producers
: Rodrigo Ferrari, Tais Olhiara, Ian Inglez

Director: Vira-Lata

Production Company: Stink Films

D.O.P.: Yuri Maranhao

Art Direction: Patricia Pereira

Assistant Directors: Rodrigo Bontempo, Andrea Cristina de Campos

Director of ProductionNani Matias

Local Production Coordinator: Carolina Cherobim

Costume: Ana Cardoso

Make/hair: Eliane Regina Aptz

Location Producer: Dudu

Object Producer: Gislaine Leal

Cast Producer: Renata Scheidt

Executive Director:  Ingrid Raszl

Executive ProducersRenata Dumont, Carolina Junqueira, Tico Cruz, Camila Martinez, Ana Gazal, Marcela Amstalden

Production Coordinators: Paula Macedo, Rogerio Maestro, Mariana Kerche, Amanda Grell

Post-production coordinatorsRoberta Bruzadin, Marcela Antunes

Editing: Giordano Maestrelli       

Post-producer: Marilia Ramos 

Post-Production Company: CLAN VFX

Color Grading: Osmar Jr.

Sound design company: Audioink

Sound producer: Filipe Derado

Sound design: Rodrigo Tedesco

Mixing: Audioink team

Client approval: Bruna Buas, Alice Alcantara e Carolina Caracas Gargione

Source: Africa

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