Bulmers Ireland launches Seven Summits hard seltzer

Irish premium hard seltzer offers consumers three flavours in a refreshing and distinct taste Hard seltzer is low carb and gluten free and one of the fastest growing beverage categories globally

 Bulmers Ireland announces the launch of Seven Summits, Ireland’s first premium, naturally produced hard seltzer. Initially available in three flavours, Seven Summits is naturally brewed providing a unique difference to other hard seltzers available today.

Produced in association with the Whitewater Brewing Company, one of Ireland’s leading craft breweries, Seven Summits draws it inspiration, and its pure water, from the breath-taking seven summits of the Mourne Mountains. Known widely as an adventure destination and for its natural beauty, Seven Summits draws on this inspiration and is created with natural ingredients offering a unique and refreshing flavour.

Seven Summits is naturally brewed, not blended like many hard seltzers. Seven Summits is produced in small batches using hand crafted alcohol with natural flavourings and sparkle added through a natural brewing process. The result is a premium hard seltzer that is unique on the island of Ireland.

Seven Summits is being introduced in three flavours: Wild Berry, Lemon and Mango. Initially available in all 34 O’Briens Off-Licences nationwide along with a selection of independent Off Licences, it will be progressively rolled-out across all retail and in the on-trade in 2021 and will be supported by a significant marketing campaign.

Seven Summits is 4.5% ABV. It is created using natural flavours, is low carb and low calorie, gluten free and vegan friendly.

Karl Donnelly, Marketing Director, Bulmers Ireland commented:

“We are excited to launch a truly distinct and refreshing product for consumers at the end of a challenging year for the drinks industry. The low carb alcohol segment is evolving fast and it’s exciting for Bulmers Ireland to now have a premium offering within this space. Seven Summits is a naturally crafted hard seltzer offering a distinct and refreshing taste. We are excited to launch a product in the fastest growing beverage category globally and one we believe will capture the imagination of Irish consumers in 2021.”

Source:  Bulmers Ireland

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