Burger King Invites Guests to Sample a Taste of Europe

BK_EurotripOn 2nd September, Burger King will be taking guests’ taste buds on a trip inspired by a range of European ingredients with its new menu. The Eurotrip line-up will feature a new range of burgers, sides and desserts for Burger King guests to enjoy at their local restaurant.

First stop; sample a delicious feast with the Crunchy Cheese Whopper. A Whopper base is complemented by a crunchy cheese patty and topped with bacon, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. Ketchup is also included in this Whopper sandwich to give it that added depth of flavour.

Try a taste of Spain with the new Spanish Tendercrisp. This Tendercrisp patty is topped with Salsa Brava, Edam cheese and crispy onions, as well as tomatoes, lettuce and mayo. From the first bite, this tendercrisp will make your taste buds dance the Flamenco.

Finally, choose the Amsterdam Steakhouse for the ultimate taste sensation. Bite into a Whopper patty topped with Edam cheese, bacon, onion rings and BBQ sauce as well as the standard salad ingredients.

burger_king_logo_1_by_mr_logo-d6pxu5rAll burgers will be available from a recommended price point of £4.99 for the burger or £6.69 for a meal as part of the Europtrip line up until 17th November.

For guests with a sweet tooth why not try our new dessert, Apple Pie sticks – a sweet apple filling encased in a warm and crispy pastry, with two pieces available from just 99p. And if you fancy something a little cooler, opt for one of the King Fusion flavours – soft serve vanilla ice cream topped with either Toffee Crisp or Bounty flavours; available from £1.29.

If all of this isn’t enough to tickle your taste buds, Burger King restaurants also offer Mozzarella sticks as the ideal accompaniment, in addition to the popular Chicken Fries. The mozzarella cheese sticks coated in crispy breadcrumbs are perfect for dipping in the tomato salsa dip pots. Mozzarella sticks are available from £1.99 for 4 pieces and £2.89 for 6.

The perfect coffee accompaniments are available in a range of three great tasting Lattes. Choose from Caramel, Vanilla or Mocha, for a little pick me up with your meal; available from £1.69 for a regular or £1.99 for a large.

“Burger King is firmly committed to delivering innovative, great-tasting food at affordable prices to all of our customers”, said Matthew Bresnahan, Marketing Director, Northern Europe, Russia, & Africa, Burger King Corp. “A lot of people will have been touring Europe over the summer, and we wanted to keep the holiday flavour going a little while longer for our guests with this new Eurotrip line up.”

Burger King brand is supporting the launch of Eurotrip with in-store and digital activations.

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