Burger King’s New Ads Show Actual BKs that Caught Fire from Flame-Grilling

Burger King’s special brand of off-the-wall advertising has reached a new level: in its latest print campaign, the fast food chain is featuring three photographs of actual restaurants that have caught on fire in recent years.

The photos, which show Burger Kings aflame in Italy, Pennsylvania and Oregon, serve to remind people that the brand takes its flame-grilling seriously. A quick Google search of the incidences reveals that no one was seriously hurt in the aforementioned BK fires, which took place in 2004, 2015 and 2016, respectively.

According to David Miami, the agency behind the campaign, “more Burger King restaurants have burned down than any other food chain” since 1954.

The point? To remind people that BK always flame-grills its burgers—which usually has tasty consequences, but can sometimes have disastrous ones.


Client: Burger King
Agency: David Miami
CCO, Founder: Anselmo Ramos
Creative Director: Russell Dodson
Creative Director: Antony Kalathara
Associate Creative Director: Jason Wolske
Associate Creative Director: Danny Alvarez
Art Director: Curtis Caja
Copywriter: Ian Holmes
Design Director: Carlos Lange
Strategy Director: John Carlaw
Head of Global Production: Veronica Beach
Producer: Carlos Torres
Associate Producer: Marina Rodrigues
Managing Director, Head of Account: Paulo Fogaca
Senior Account Director: Carmen Rodriguez
Account Director: Lucila Mengide
Account Supervisor: Rafael Giorgino
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Barbara Karalis

Source: The Drum

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