Cadbury Supercharges Their Iconic Worldwide Hide This Easter, With More Eggs, More Touch-Points And New Partners

This year’s Easter immersive activation from Cadbury transcends the virtual and will feature giant pop-up purple Easter eggs hidden in London and Manchester Cadbury activates exclusive partnership with world-famous Manchester United and its players Millions of eggs will be hidden this year enabling people to come together across the globe and show their generosity for loved ones

Cadbury today welcomes back its iconic, Easter egg hiding experienceCadbury Worldwide Hidefor a second year running, making it bigger and better than ever before. Enabling chocolate fans to generously hide a purple egg for a loved one, the hugely successful Easter activation proves Cadbury’s belief that there’s a glass and a half in everyone under the ‘Show you care, hide it’ platform. Running in the lead up to Easter, the campaign will roll out in more global markets this year as well as take physical form through event activations and an exclusive partnership with football team, Manchester United.  

Building on its debut success last year which saw 800,000 virtual eggs hidden and a sell out of the bespoke products, the famous virtual campaign will roll out both virtually and physically this year. In more locations than last year ‘Worldwide Hide’ will roll out across Cadbury’s key markets UK, Ireland, Australia and new to this year, South Africa.

Cadbury will also go one step further this Easter by utilising its football partnership with Manchester United to bring more magic to chocolate football fans this Easter season and own the cultural moment. In celebration of its partnership Cadbury has created a Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk and Manchester United Easter Egg and people will be able to choose from three designs each celebrating Manchester United through distinctive club iconography. Football fans will be able to access a special WorldWide Hide platform which is co branded and offers a special virtual ‘Man Utd egg’ to hide for their loved ones for free. Celebrated players Harry Maguire, Paul Pogba, Tom Heaton and Nemanja Matić will feature in 30”  and 10” content films talking about their experience of hiding easter eggs for loved ones and will be hosted across Cadbury and Manchester United social media channels.

In the lead up to Easter two ‘Huge Hides’ will pop up in Manchester at Old Trafford and at Butler’s Wharf in London as two giant purple Cadbury eggs, each measuring 3 metres in height which will aim to bring the Cadbury Worldwide Hide experience into the real world. The Instagrammable giant eggs will also feature prominent hashtags, beautiful stories as to why they’re hidden there, alongside a QR code to drive people to a bespoke Manchester United brand platform.

Cadbury worked with global agency of record, VCCP London, VCCP CX and Girl&Bear to give chocolate fans the chance to hide iconic purple Cadbury Easter eggs anywhere in the world for someone they love. Created during lockdown last year, the magical experience is designed to bring people across the world together. Shifting the focus from hunting, which is typically associated with small children and their families, to hiding – an opportunity for everyone to get involved and to demonstrate generosity. 

‘Cadbury Worldwide Hide’ is a digital platform and using Google Maps Street View, hiders hide an egg and then share a personalised clue with a loved one to help them find it. The hider has two options; to either purchase one of 3 Cadbury Easter eggs from the Cadbury Worldwide Hide range or simply hide a virtual egg for free for their loved one to find. This year the platform is working with a different range of fulfilment partners, including Amazon, to maximise Cadbury’s e-commerce potential.

David Clements, Senior Marketing Director at Mondelez International said: “We were thrilled to learn from last year’s activation that ‘Cadbury Worldwide Hide’ genuinely helped to connect people so this year we set out to go bigger and better, connecting more people across the globe and in more ways. Generosity is at the heart of the Cadbury brand, and Easter is an opportunity to show that there’s a glass and a half in everyone. The Worldwide Hide provides a perfect opportunity to show our generous side and by flipping this Easter ritual on its head we demonstrate how hiding an egg can be a generous act for a loved one.”

Chris Birch & Jonny Parker, Executive Creative Directors at VCCP London added: ‘‘We love ‘Show you care, hide it‘ because it flips the Easter ritual on its head. As lovely as getting a chocolate egg is, the real generosity and fun of Easter lies in the hiding. For the second year now everyone can get involved, young and old, in the real world and online, and hide eggs literally anywhere. Happy Easter everyone.”
Cadbury Worldwide Hide will run from today until 18th April and will roll out across TV, BVOD, social, display, OOH, DOOH, PR, in-store and online.  

Source: VCCP

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