Carlsberg UK Rethinks Draught Beer Dispense for Bars & Restaurants with Draughtmaster

grimbergen-2Carlsberg UK has launched an innovative and convenient beer dispense solution for bars and food-led outlets, called DraughtMaster, which is set to be a step-change in the availability of quality draught beer in the UK on-trade.

The compact solution enables restaurants or casual dining outlets with limited space available, the chance to stock premium lager and craft beer of consistent high quality. DraughtMaster requires only water, a power supply, drainage and space for installation, usually within the bar or drinks service area.

The advanced technology, designed and refined by Carlsberg over ten years, uses 20 litre PET kegs, replacing Co2 with an in-built air compressor. The system features an easy self-cleaning system and a simple modular structure to stock or rotate up to six draught beers, delivering a consistent, quality and cost-effective serve every time.

Per Svendsen, vice president on-trade at Carlsberg UK commented: “DraughtMaster is one of the biggest innovations in the on-trade for decades, and is a game-changer for venues serving low to medium volumes of beer. The system delivers multiple benefits including fresher beer, higher yield, easy cleaning and the opportunity to offer more choice to consumers in the on-trade. Furthermore, we will now finally remove the hassle of Co2 cylinders and empty kegs.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the latest technology to support their businesses. DraughtMaster is a proven Carlsberg initiative and is currently operating in 16 countries around Europe including Italy – a market where 90% of Carlsberg products poured in the on-trade now uses DraughtMaster technology.”

Added benefits of DraughtMaster include significantly increased beer shelf-life of 31 days compared to 5-7 days for a traditional steel keg; a specialist air compression system meaning every pour delivers on the quality and consistency intended by the brew master, with no contact with oxygen throughout the process; reduced waste, a semi-automatic cleaning system and reduced need for space. 

The current Carlsberg UK DraughtMaster portfolio currently consists of Brooklyn Lager, Poretti 3, Poretti 9, Carlsberg Export, Shed Head, and Grimbergen Blonde, with more of the brewer’s premium brands scheduled to come onboard in early 2017.

 Carlsberg UK’s premium beer and cider portfolio includes craft cider Bad Apple, Danish style pilsner Carlsberg Export, Italian lager Poretti, Belgium ale Grimbergen, Czech craft and gluten-free lager Celia, Spanish lagers Mahou and San Miguel, and Sweden’s Backyard Brewery range including Shed Head, Bee 17 and Lawnmower. From January 2017, the Brooklyn Brewery craft beer range will be added to the UK brewer’s portfolio.

To see how the DraughtMaster technology works, visit

Source: Carlsberg UK

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