Cathedral City Partners With BrandOpus To Pour Heart And Soul Into New Brand Identity System

The cheddar market leader sets out to bolster its number one title

The nation’s favourite cheddar brand, Cathedral City, unveils a tasty new identity system to create more meaningful experiences with consumers and strengthen its position as a market leader. Global branding agency BrandOpus is behind the extensive overhaul, which comprises a brand strategy, identity, brand world, digital and packaging design. The reinvigorated identity is extended into a wider brand world to create a more connected and comforting brand experience across every consumer touchpoint, and it will be rolled out across retailers nationwide this month.

For over 50 years, Cathedral City has had a strong commitment to craft and expertise, working alongside local farmers to source quality milk and deliver delicious cheese. The brand was last redesigned in 2016, which was also developed by BrandOpus, and currently holds an impressive 44.4% market penetration in the UK, according to Kantar World Panel Online (March 2022). Setting its sights on a next wave of growth, the market leader is on a mission to further develop its brand loyalty, by building a deeper emotional connection.

With all the uncertainty in the world today, Cathedral City sees the importance of connecting with consumers through a more emotive brand narrative. Rooted in the idea of doing things ‘with heart and soul’, the new identity is centred around Cathedral City’s dedication to craft and becoming a part of everyday life, for everyone. The cathedral is now set front and centre, at the heart of the city, filled with vibrant life. Screen-printed textures give a handmade quality and evoke a sense of craft and skill.

Wider details of the identity system:

●      The typography draws inspiration from the artistry of sign painting. A choiceful blend of styles brings emphasis and character to the brand’s voice.

●      Burgundy is the hero colour, working as a beacon on the shelf. Paired with hues of creams, golds, and deeper burgundies, it injects breadth and warmth.

●      A block screen printed illustration style brings the identity to life and has been expanded across the cathedral to create a cityscape teeming with life. Charismatic characters connote the brand’s warm-hearted and generous spirit, whilst banners are used to pull out key messaging with a celebratory feel.

●      The carefully crafted and stamp-like ‘makers’ marks’ bring through quality cues. They tell the rich story behind the product, showing the time, care and attention that goes into every cheese block.

●      A clear and punchy navigation system for the product ranges is introduced through boldly coloured banners holding each variant. Each product is named ‘our…’ to bring a sense of pride to the product, further evoking the brand idea of heart and soul.

●      A bespoke sonic identity heroes the layers of sounds that emanate from a vibrant community and city bursting with life. A pizzicato movement, combined with the sounds of everyday life instils a sense of warmth, positivity, and togetherness.

Neil Stewart, Head of Marketing – Cheese, Cathedral City, comments “We’ve built our rich heritage on a dedication to craft and we believe we hold a special place in our consumers’ hearts. The revitalised identity system not only brings that to the fore, but it taps into a sense of community, creating a more meaningful and familiar brand experience to our customers. We’ve built a strong partnership with BrandOpus for the past 8 years, and their expertise of elevating our core values shines through the new Cathedral City identity.”

Nir Wegrzyn, CEO & Founding Partner, BrandOpus, comments: “When you work with such an iconic brand, there’s always a wealth of heritage and richness to tap into. But the real challenge lies in how you rediscover and reimagine existing assets for today, without losing what makes a famous brand so cherished. Heart and soul are rooted deep in Cathedral City’s DNA, and it’s now threaded through the identity, distinctive assets, and the entire brand experience in a more meaningful way. We’re excited for the nation to reconnect with their favourite brand, on a much deeper level.”

Cathedral City remains the nation’s favourite and UK’s number one cheese brand, it is currently worth £288m in total market (IRI SIG Outlet + Kantar Discounters & Bargain Store, 52we 19th March 2022) and is bought by almost half (44.4%) of all UK households (Kantar World Panel, 52we 20th March 2022).

Source: BrandOpus

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