Celebrity Chefs Show You How to Make Exotic Dishes at Home

The majority of Brits jump at the opportunity to try new cuisine when they go on holiday, TV chef and author Phil Vickery and MasterChef finalist Emma Spitzer both use their time on holiday to expand their culinary knowledge, drawing inspiration from local chefs cooking regional dishes.

Dispelling the image of the reserved Brit, the search for something different continues when they are back in the UK, whether on their lunch break or enjoying a trip into town – if Brits happen upon a street food market, two-thirds will indulge themselves.

The adventure doesn’t stop at the market, though. According to Exodus Travels, who are launching ‘A Taste of Adventure’ cookbook, 80% agree that they like to try numerous local dishes when on holiday, and what’s more, a quarter will then buy a cookery book or downloaded a recipe to help them recreate those dishes following a holiday!

So how difficult is it to bring the taste of overseas into your kitchen?

Watch as Phil and Emma cook up some of 2016’s most popular dishes from around the world.

Source: Exodus Travels

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