Cerveceria Mexicana Brewery Expands to Meet Demand for Its Mexican Beer

DRINKS AMERICAS DAY OF THE DEAD CRAFT BEERDrinks Americas, the exclusive United States broker for leading premium authentic Mexican beers currently present in over 32 states, announced that the third largest brewery in Mexico, Cerveceria Mexicana, the brewery that produces its leading premium authentic Mexican beers, is expanding its facility to accommodate growing demand in the U.S. and abroad.

Located in the town of Tecate, B.C., Mexico, just 100 yards from the US border, Cerveceria Mexicana services its loyal customers in Baja, California and Mexico, as well as its export customers in the U.S. and throughout the world in countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Holland, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, and Spain. Its predecessor, the original brewery, Cerveceria Mexicali, S. A. de C.V., was founded in 1923 and was the first industrial brewery in Baja, California. Of all the breweries in Mexico with any volume, Cerveceria Mexicana is the only brewery that is 100% Mexican owned.

Cerveceria Mexicana utilizes its state of the art laboratory along with modern brewing and fermenting equipment to ensure highest quality in packaging, raw material and finished product. Its expansion is estimated to be completed by April, 2014. Once completed, Cerveceria Mexicana will have increased its capacity by 35%, which will mostly go towards the production of its authentic craft selection, Day of the Dead Beers.

Timothy Owens, Drinks Americas CEO, commented, “Regardless of what business you are operating or what customer you are servicing, it’s crucial that demand is met in the best and most efficient way possible. Cerveceria Mexicana is doing this through the strategic and calculated expansion of their facility– which when finished will yield the same refreshing, high quality beer product that our aficionados have come to know and love.”

“Cerveceria Mexicana is dedicated to upholding the craftsmanship of their premium authentic Mexican craft beers during and after this expansion. We, at Drinks Americas, look forward to having the product available to meet market demand and to getting our leading beer brands into the hands and hearts of more adult consumers nationwide and beyond.”

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