Chocolate Energems Set To ‘Energize’ Charlotte

ENERGEMS NEW ENERGY SUPPLEMENTCharlotte, North Carolina has been selected as the official city to unveil the next generation of energy supplements.

Energems, a great-tasting new “energy bite” made with real milk chocolate is set to satisfy consumers who want an alternative to bitter, sticky, liquid energy products.

“Our research showed that people were searching for an energy product that tastes great, is low-calorie, easy to transport, jitter-free and allows the user to decide how much energy they need and when they need it. After years of development and taste testing, we are proud to launch a product that addresses all of these issues,” states Joe Fairleigh, VP of Sales. Energems is now sold in over 40 Circle K stores, located throughout the Charlotte area.

“We are thrilled that Charlotte will be the first official launch city to experience our much-talked-about new product. Several thousand other stores will be following suit in the upcoming months around the country,” he added.

It was a “eureka” moment when the creators of Energems realized that real milk chocolate combined with energy would revolutionize the energy supplement industry.

So, it has been no surprise that at sampling events and trade shows nationwide they have garnered rave reviews and lots of buzz. The creative team at NRG Innovations saw a need for an energy supplement that fit the modern on-the-go lifestyle, but also tasted great.

They worked closely with a world-renowned US food and nutrition group to develop portable, no mess, no melt, hard-shelled “bites” that give a jitter free energy boost.

Each box of Energems contains nine “bites” made with real milk chocolate and their exclusive energy blend, all wrapped in a tasty coated shell.

Energems are available in three flavours – Chocolate Charge, Mint Fusion and Peanut Butter Blast

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