CLIPPER Launches New And Improved Organic Mood Infusions That Are Better For People And The Planet

Clipper Teas, the natural tea brand owned by Ecotone UK, is expanding its range of organic infusions with three exciting new flavours, to meet growing consumer demand for natural and organic teas with functional ingredients to support better health. 

The new range of teas (RRP: £2.50) include: 

·       Organic Bring the Zing – an infusion of zesty lemon and peppery ginger

·       Organic Cleanse with Benefits – an infusion of fresh citrus with sweet anise-inspired fennel

·       Organic & Fairtrade Restoring Roots – an infusion of spicy ginger and warm turmeric 

Each flavour matches up to a key health and wellness consumer trend, with Organic Bring the Zing appealing to customers looking for an energy boost; Organic Cleanse with Benefits aiding the metabolism and Organic & Fairtrade Restoring Roots appealing to shoppers seeking comfort through a warming hug in a mug.

Carrying Clipper’s distinctive and joyful tone of voice, the pack designs feature vibrant, playful illustrations and bright colours to stand out to the growing audience of infusion tea drinkers.  

Clipper has also revamped its recipe and pack design for its popular infusions Organic Snore & Peace (chamomile, lemon balm & lavender infusion) and Organic After Dinner Mints (mint & fennel infusion). The improved recipes are to better meet the needs for aiding sleep and supporting digestion, while the packs have a new design to bolster consumer appeal and visibility on shelf.

Launching with Waitrose, new Clipper Organic Restoring Roots and revamped Clipper Organic After Dinner Mints, will bolster Clipper’s infusion offering at the key retailer. The full infusions range will be available via

The line refresh follows an enhanced interest and appeal for infusions as shoppers seek out functional ingredients that are good for their mind, body and soul. In the last year, infusions have grown by 9.5% (IRI: 52 w/e 31st January 2021), which reflects the growing interest in products that can support better health.

Aligned with the brand’s organic and 100% natural principles, each tea bag in the infusions range is unbleached, plant-based and non-GM – offering up a natural, fair and delicious cup of tea that shoppers can enjoy while caring for the planet. 

The range revamp continues to attract a new generation of conscious consumers who care about their health and the health of the planet – an audience segment Clipper refers to as ‘Generation Tea’. The launch will be supported with quarterly promotions, POS, regular shopper activations and sampling to drive awareness and trial. 

Clipper Teas brand controller at Ecotone UK, Caroline Rose says:

“Clipper is the UK’s fastest growing black and green tea brand and we have high aspirations to be a leader in infusions. Infusion teas are incredibly appealing to a health-conscious consumer, especially now when taking care of our health to prevent long-term illness, is high on the public agenda. Wellness factors like getting enough sleep or having better digestion, are also becoming a priority for those wanting to live better. Our functional teas are perfect for health-conscious consumers as not only are they delicious, but they are also 100% natural and organic, which is better for personal health and the health of the planet too. Meeting the needs of Generation Tea, this range will appeal to these who care about what they put into their bodies, as well as the environmental impact their purchasing decisions have.”

Clipper Teas, along with its parent company Ecotone UK, is B Corp certified. Committed to supporting biodiversity, Clipper sources its tea from organic and Fairtrade farmers that use sustainable farming methods.

Source: Clipper Teas

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