Coca-Cola Installed Mini Kiosks in Germany to Promote Mini Cans

Coca-Cola continues to play with mini format of its cans in the new promotional effort. To promote the tiny version of the regular packaging, the soft drinks giant installed mini kiosks in the cities of Germany.

The project, developed by Ogilvy & Mather Berlin, was designed to impress the passers-by with a resized version of a traditional kiosk. The tiny toy format of the pop-up venue highlights the smaller 7.5 ounce versions of Coke cans.

The promotional kiosks are created, keeping to the same standards as applied to regular street stands. They appeared on the streets and parks in a number of German cities, encouraging people to look inside, buy Coke from the miniature dispenser, and also talk to a real vendor sitting inside (half below the ground’s surface). Of course, the new kiosks were appealing especially to kids.

In spring 2013, Coca-Cola promoted its mini format with a regular-sized can that could split into two mini cans.

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