Coldpress Takes a Turn Towards ‘Cloudy!’

March ‘20 sees Coldpress take its next meaningful step in its ‘range renaissance,’ with Ocado ,Nisa and a nationwide network of independent serving wholesalers listing its cloudy Golden Delicious.

The Coldpress refresh began towards the back end of 2019, by becoming the UK’s first 8-strong portfolio of HPP juices/smoothies with added vitamins, a significant step-change geared around supporting juice enthusiasts with their increasingly hectic lifestyles whilst providing tasty, vitamin-rich formats at ‘everyday accessible’ price points.

According to Coldpress founder, Andrew Gibb, ‘With our new purpose-built pressery ready to go, it was important that we put our best foot forward last Autumn, which meant not only providing the most complete juice in town, but also upgrading our website, brand identity and on-pack messaging. The arrival of a Cloudy Apple (early 2020) was always going to be a pivotal next step with feedback from our research groups suggesting that whilst a lion’s share of our loyalists appreciate the responsible way our HPP juices treat delicate ingredients; there’s still a vocal minority who still believe that a cloudy juice is more at one with nature (more depth & body) because it appears less tinkered with.’

Whilst Coldpress would be the first to say that all of its 9-strong portfolio marry great taste with a full palate of beneficial vitamins, there’s a growing body of data to suggest that cloudy juices over-indexes in terms of beneficial-antioxidants called procyanidins; which many clear juices inadvertently remove via filtration, centrifuges.

Source: Coldpress

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