Creative Chefs Whip Up ‘Gourmet’ Dishes Using McDonald’s Ingredients

McD4In New York City last week, McDonald’s organized a cook out to challenge renowned chefs to make gourmet-style meals using the ingredients found in typical Mcdonald’s food items.

Chef participants included Dale Talde, James Tahhan, Aaron McCargo Jr, and McDonald’s very own manager of nutrition and culinary, Jessica Foust.

The chefs whipped up a series of fancy dishes using good ol’ hashbrowns, French fries, bacon, and other ingredients. The dishes included a ‘Kung Pao Chicken McNuggets’ appetizer, ‘Stacked Crispy Chicken with Hashbrowns’, ‘Mac Fry Gnocchi’, and even a ‘Biznut’—a donut made from McDonald’s biscuit mix, topped with pumpkin spice latte syrup.

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