Crisp ’n Dry reveals new visual identity and brand positioning

This week, the UK’s number one cooking oil brand, Crisp ’n Dry, launches its new visual identity with strategy, design and advertising by Brandon.

The brand consultancy was tasked with creating a brand strategy and identity that would break down barriers to purchase amongst non-customers in order to drive growth, as the cooking oils category was largely dominated by own label.

The brand’s research showed that its packaging was not communicating the brand as well as it could have done, or its USP versus own label and therefore why it commanded a premium retail price versus its competition; Crisp ‘n Dry is 100% rapeseed oil – a benefit of which even many existing users were not aware. And while many older consumers had a strong emotional connection to the brand, younger respondents who knew nothing of its heritage knew very little about it.

Simon Ellis, Client Services Director at Brandon, says:

“We quickly realised that while Britain’s cooking habits have evolved, for many, the perceptions of Crisp ’n Dry had not – i.e. non-consumers associated it with deep-fat-frying and saw it as unhealthy, when in fact it has lower saturated fat than other edible oils such as olive, coconut and sunflower oil. Our role was to give the brand meaning to lapsed and younger consumers  and make it relevant to a much broader audience.

“We know that the oil category can be pretty complicated to shop – with olive oils talking like fine wines and on trend speciality oils which are all hipster and youthful. Cooking oils on the other hand are more everyday. Around 70% of households use them but they’re not proudly displayed in kitchens up and down the country.  Crisp ‘n Dry isn’t for drizzling or guzzling or anything too fancy. Cooking with Crisp ‘n Dry just makes  good food great. 

“Our new positioning of ‘helping you create crowd pleasers for generations’ plays on this idea and speaks to the heart of the target audience who believes that a lot of what’s important in life happens around the kitchen table. It appeals to their desire to serve wholesome, feel-good classics for others.”

This message is reinforced by the brand’s new identity, with the addition of a tractor ploughing the yellow rapeseed fields, and the flowers circling the name to bring the natural and better for you message up front and centre. On pack, this is built on further by the 100% rapeseed oil message.

Steve Conchie, Creative Director at Brandon, adds:

“It was important that we retained the brand’s number one distinctive brand asset – the iconic red. It’s always been associated with Crisp ’n Dry and it acts as a dependable signpost to the category, which, many shoppers  find overwhelming. It also gives us some guaranteed colour blocking at fixture. A win, win.

“Additionally, to encourage use across a more versatile range of eating occasions we’ve introduced simpler and more iconic product photography that has healthier overtones. 

“And the finishing touch to offset the bold red blocking is the addition of texture and graphic pops of rapeseed yellow – all designed to elevate its natural properties.”

Before & After

For TV, the ‘100% rapeseed’ message formed the single minded brief, building on dispelling any ‘deep frying’ conotations, highlighting its natural source and demonstrating the diversity of the oil. The agency needed to create something memorable that not only rolled off the tongue, but elevated the brand beyond the kitchen cupboard. 

Steve Conchie picks up the story:

“We cast the perfect family to tell the story of them showing their love for each other by ‘giving it 100%’ with every occasion and every meal they share ­– from date night at home, accompanied by a four piece jazz band and pianist perched on the sofa, to a beautiful Sunday roast adorned with a Ferrero Rocher style mountain of perfectly golden and crisp roast potatoes.  From food to effort, there’s nothing less than 100%. All the action is accented with weird and wonderful transitions between scenes and an energetic sound track to keep us all engaged.”

Claire Graham, Senior Marketing Manager at Crisp ’n Dry adds:

“Brandon have done a fantastic job of elevating Crisp ’n Dry, without moving us away from what our existing customers love about us. The new TV advertising clearly positions the brand as going above and beyond in helping to create crowd pleasers, and feedback on the new design is extremely positive; appealing to a younger demographic by looking more contemporary and instantly broadening the range of usage occasions.”

The new Crisp ’n Dry TV ad airs on 23rd November and packaging is rolling out instore now.

Source: Brandon

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