Culture POP Soda Launches With Packaging And Brand Identity By ROOK/NYC

Culture POP Soda is crafted with real, functional ingredients and only a touch of sweetness. It’s mix of live probiotics, organic juices and organic ground spices delivers a complex, tasty twist on familiar flavors. Culture POP is a soda you can feel good about. Flavors include: Ginger Lemon & Turmeric, Orange Mango & Chili, Wild Berries with Basil & Lime, Watermelon Lime & Rosemary, Pink Grapefruit Ginger & Juniper.

Culture Pop Soda

When independent creative agency, ROOK/NYC, first started working on Culture POP Soda, the product brief was simple: create a brand and package design for a new-to-market functional soda that feels familiar, with subtle nuances, and drives consumer trial in the natural and mass retail channels. 
As for the naming exercise, the team wanted something that was both descriptive and felt familiar. In an off-the-cuff ideation session, the moniker fell in place — a highly recognizable, albeit transposed, term that coincidentally described the product itself in two words: Culture (probiotic) POP (soda).

Culture Pop Soda

Mark Christou is the lead designer behind the project and Co-Founder of ROOK/NYC. The team worked with Illustrator Marianna Fierro to create bold fruit illustrations; these replaced the “o” of pop to signify the dominant (and most familiar) ingredient in each SKU.

While ROOK/NYC was working on the design process to create a product that would catch the consumer’s attention, they implemented a thoughtful and simplistic brand architecture and visual language. From the ever-familiar American Typewriter font, to prominently featuring familiar ingredients over the “less-familiar”, to selecting colors that are drinkable and on-trend, they created a system of design cues that nod to both the function and nostalgia of the product, with a modern twist. 

Culture Pop Soda

“The work that ROOK/NYC did to develop our identity and our packaging, is beyond what I could have hoped for. It both reflects exactly what’s inside our can, and the personality and emotion that we sought for our product and company. Because of the strength of our packaging, we’ve been able to accomplish things in 8 months that often take companies years to accomplish.” – Tom First, Founder of Culture Pop

Source: ROOK/NYC,

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