Dairy Free Brand, Violife Urges Consumers To ‘Change Your Cheese, Change Your Planet’ With New Campaign

New integrated campaign heroes classic cheese dishes using dairy free Violife products as new study reveals Violife products have less than half the carbon footprint of dairy cheese

Violife, the award-winning vegan alternative to cheese products, has announced its new ‘Change Your Cheese, Change Your Planet’ campaign to celebrate it’s dairy free range. The fully integrated campaign devised by VCCP Media, Topcut-Modiano and Newton encourages consumers to try Violife, and ‘Change your Cheese’ from dairy to vegan, in a bid to reduce our harmful impact on the climate.

Violife is a world leader in vegan products enjoying a 30 year history in vegan product development. Violife offers a huge variety of alternatives to dairy cheese including dairy free cheddar, gouda, feta and mozzarella cheese. A record number of 2 million people across the world took part in this year’s Veganuary, the global movement that encourages people to go vegan in January and beyond. With this new campaign, Violife wants to show consumers ‘Change your Cheese’ that simple everyday swaps from dairy to vegan cheese can make a significant positive impact on our planet. 

The media campaign by VCCP Media is multifaceted and runs across many platforms, designed to target multiple audiences and not just Vegans given the soaring popularity in dairy alternatives.  Rolling out on TV and BVoD, the media strategy not only delivers awareness and visibility for the brand, but also delivers hyper targeting using shopping data to identify consumers who are in the market to nurture the consumer through the path to purchase. This is replicated in digital channels led by social where VCCP Media have again targeted multiple audience segments including Vegans, Curious Foodies, Health Conscious, Environmentally Conscious to drive home the ‘Change Your Cheese, Change Your Planet’ messaging.’

The campaign launches with a 40” hero film, and is supported by a 20” cut down across TV and BVoD. The playful creative by Newton and production Topcut- Modiano showcases everyday foodie moments such as dining out, cooking at home and indulging at the cinema whilst introducing Violife’s ‘change’ meals. By presenting classic meals such as cheeseburgers and nachos, Violife cleverly switches out the word ‘cheese’ for ‘change’ in examples including the ‘Change’ Burger, Nachos N’ Change and ‘Changecake.’ The power and familiarity of these classics allows Violife to show that their dairy free products allow non-vegans to enjoy a diary free diet without compromising on taste, all whilst making a positive impact on the environment. 

On the launch of the new campaign, Thania Drakopoulou, Global Marketing Manager of Violife said: “Violife wants to show consumers that what we eat can make a significant positive impact on our planet by making the simple change from dairy cheese. With our award-winning range of vegan alternatives to cheese products, people will not have to miss out on any of the cheesy recipes they love. Finding the right balance and communicating how a plant-based, vegan option can find its place in every home, was not an easy task. Newton and Topcut created the most innovative concept and VCCP helped us identify the right ingredients in our media ‘recipe’, resulting in a great campaign that promotes the ease of turning every-day food into a delicious, dairy-free meal.’

Vassilis Maragos, Managing Director of Newton: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have witnessed a global value-system shift, with people realising the need for change, especially in our relation to the environment. Based on this insight, the new Violife campaign suggests a positive change in our dietary habits through a symbolic change in the grammar of our favourite foods. One thing that certainly remained unaltered in the specific project was the pleasure of being part of a brand team that appreciates and nurtures creativity.”

Stamatis Athanasoulas, Executive Producer at Topcut-Modiano: “Working alongside the Violife marketing team and Newton’s creatives in crafting a campaign such as ‘Change Your Cheese’ is a true blessing, as we get to raise awareness around issues that matter. With this campaign, we encourage the discussion to depart from the personal and instead invite consumers to make a positive change for the planet as a whole. Building on the brand’s iconic cinematic style, the campaign focuses on memorable characters and glorious vegan foodieness, making these climate-friendly, plant-based options more appealing than ever. 

Chris Stevens, Business Director at VCCP Media added: “Collaborating with a global, market leading vegan brand like Violife to launch a campaign across many different touchpoints is this kind of work we love doing at VCCP Media. Thanks to innovative brands like Violife, enjoying a Vegan diet, or dipping your toe into dairy free products is now accessible for everyone, all whilst ensuring that no one has to sacrifice on taste or convenience when they choose climate-friendly options.”Running from today for the rest of the year, the integrated Violife ‘Change your Cheese’ campaign will roll out across a wide mix of channels including TVC, VOD, print, social, YouTube and digital.

Source: VCCP Media

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