Dare is providing (delicious) motivation this lockdown

Family (and friends) have continued in their partnership with Dare, helping the brand to extend their range and launch two delicious new flavours.

Dare is a nutritionally complete and totally plant-based beverage that can be used as a nutritious snack or as part of a meal plan. Each delicious shake contains a bespoke all-in-one blend of seeds, superfoods, herbs, phytonutrients, pre and probiotics AND all 26 essential vitamins and minerals – giving you the power to be your best self. Just two scoops in your daily smoothie is all it takes to supercharge your day!

But Dare is far more than just another smoothie brand. Dare acts as both a physical and mental motivational shake, daring us to break out of our negative routines and make every day more adventurous.
Through using their Instagram fan base and strong brand image, Dare have been able to build a community of like-minded individuals, keen to motivate and support one another, encouraging changes of habit, both in mind and body. Head to the Dare Instagram account to get inspired and keep feeling motivated in the months ahead.

“Dare isn’t about being ultra-challenging and pushing yourself to the absolute extreme, but about giving yourself the power to say today is the day, now is the time, this is the hour. It is then realising that committing to those small changes everyday is what makes great things happen in life. What about those little everyday changes you want to make? Get up an hour earlier to talk that autumnal walk, have a mental break from home working, running that extra mile or reading that book you keep telling yourself you were going to. We believe being able to make small changes can make a big difference” – Dr. Ben, Dare co-founder

Dare have now added two extra delicious flavours, Cocoa Vanilla Frosting and Cocoa & Jaffa Orange. So instead of grabbing that cupcake or Jaffa Cake, head to their website and make today a (delicious) adventure!​

Source: Family (and friends)

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