DDB Singapore Helps Promote McDonald’s Classics with Local Flavours

In 2015, McDonald’s rolled out an all-star cast in celebration of SG50, featuring its best-known favourites like the McSpicy burger, Spicy Nuggets, and Twister Fries.

McDonaldsA year later, and with Singaporeans anticipating another return by the good ol’ favourites, what could McDonald’s offer to do to step out of the colossal (McSpicy-shaped) shadow of 2015?

Singapore has long been known for being a melting pot of different cultures. Likewise, the smorgasbord of different cuisines underpins a somewhat obsessive relationship that Singaporeans have with good food. In recent times, that has evoked a fusion trend – particularly between classic and the modern: did someone say salted egg yolk croissant/lava cake/fried chicken?

First, the new: take a classic favourite – the well-loved McSpicy burger with its fried chicken patty, slather on salted egg yolk sauce, and garnish with curry leaves. Boom! One of Singaporeans’ best loved – zhng-ed!

McDonalds2Likewise, with the twister fries that most Singaporeans are all too familiar with. Add on a salt-and-pepper shaker mix; and even the most ardent of fans will not be able to resist the delectable combination.

Then, the classics: spicy nuggets – perfectly piquant and tasty, with Singaporeans seemingly unable to get enough of them – as well as the banana pie that is reminiscent of the goring pisang many of us enjoyed from our favourite Malay food stall.

Not least, for the sweetest of endings, Mcdonald’s did not disappoint: topping off the much-loved McFlurry with kueh lapis bites and the sweet, caramel taste of Gula Melaka.

McDonalds3For Singaporeans that didn’t already know about it, we made sure they could not say “bojio” to McDonald’s.

We were present in Singaporean’s favourite TV channels, radio stations, social media platforms and posters were planted island-wide. We also added a local veneer and increased our relevance in hyperlocal social media content like Mothership and The Smart Local.

And confirm Shiok must Chope! Starting from 21st July, we will be distributing McDonald’s branded tissue packs at key high traffic hawker centres like Amoy Market to communicate that our Salted Egg burgers are as Shiok as other hawker staples.


The campaign by DDB Singapore, launched on June 30th with much anticipation – much in due to well-placed sneaks through social and mainstream media.

Queues spilled out the doors and entrances of many restaurant outlets; with the salted egg yolk chicken burger selling out before the day ended, easily outshining the performance of its SG50 predecessors.

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