DECIDE. Creates ‘Even Better Baking’ Packaging For Dr. Oetker

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 09.58.23Home baking has never been more popular, with the success of TV series’ such as The Great British Bake Off fueling interest and attracting people both young and old, with a shared passion for baking and a desire to produce deliciously tasty and highly creative results.

Dr. Oetker, the UK’s leading home baking brand, invited DECIDE. to create a new pack design for its range that would enthuse expert bakers and also encourage more people to bake, improving their knowledge, skills and expertise on the way to becoming even better bakers.

The brief asked DECIDE. to bring the range design in line with Dr. Oetker Brand essence (4 pillars: Quality, Innovation, Heritage, Expertise) but particularly focus on enhancing ‘quality’ cues that help visually communicate the superior nature of Dr. Oetker home baking products. The design agency was also asked to bring to life the Dr. Oetker ‘Even Better Baking’ communications platform.

3 designer_icings HR smaller“Decision-making at shelf is heavily influenced by visual triggers – many of them subconscious. This design delivers all of the equities we know people expect from Dr. Oetker as the category-leader. The design is visually in line with the brand’s DNA, and key messages being communicated at other touch points on the customer journey.” says Michael Pagan, Strategy & Planning Director at DECIDE.

The new design syncs the full Dr. Oetker home baking range under a single colour, ensuring stronger shelf stand-out, improved navigation and (in pre-launch research) greater shopper engagement at shelf. The top half of the pack is consistently used to clearly communicate brand & product information – something that is essential for shopper decision-making when navigating the visually ‘cluttered’ home baking fixture.

The lower segment of each pack features recipe and serving suggestion photography in a lifestyle setting – designed to deliver enhanced taste appeal whilst inspiring & challenging UK bakers.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 10.01.49Central to the design architecture is a distinctive red ribbon device, synonymous in colour with the Dr. Oetker brand marque. The delicate ribbon denotes the ‘special finishing touches’ that can be achieved when using Dr. Oetker home baking products – leading to Even Better Baking results.

“Communicating high quality, for which Dr. Oetker products are renowned, along with the special finishing touches that the products enable consumers to bring to their home baking, is at the very heart of the new design.” Says Grant Marshall, Creative Director, DECIDE.

The new design launches in the UK in November and will continue to roll out all month long, before fully launching in December 2013.

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