Deliveroo for Business Launches Globally

5702-deliveroo_logoSingapore’s finance workers are the most likely to be found eating at their desk, new data reveals. The sector is responsible for 60% of on-demand food delivery service Deliveroo’s corporate orders, with the Tech sector, Law, then Consulting, next likely industries to eat at the office.

The insights were revealed to celebrate the launch of Deliveroo for Business across the company’s 100 cities of operation, and include a new dedicated microsite and features designed with corporate clients in mind.

According to the data, Tuesday is the most popular day in Singapore for ordering food to the workplace, although in the Tech sector, they’re keener to have food delivered on a Friday. Findings also show that people who work in Tech prefer to order later in the day, with 1pm proving the most popular time to order lunch — an hour later than the national average (12pm).

People who work in Finance, on the other hand, are much more likely to have all three meals in the office, with 10am being the most popular time for breakfast orders, 12pm for lunch and 6pm for dinner — 2 hours earlier than the 8pm national average. However, not letting that get in the way of health, salads make up 12% of the Finance sector’s orders, with people working in Law also choosing a leafy meal as their favourite cuisine.

Deliveroo for Business premiered in response to a huge trend of workers ordering food to their desks, tired of eating the same sandwich for lunch. It will be an area of international growth in the coming months, and has already been adopted by global businesses including Eventbrite and Survey Monkey.

Deliveroo for Business allows companies 360 visibility and control over their accounts with advanced integration tools simplifying the management of the ordering and billing processes. It has already gained the loyalty of the world’s largest banking, law, media, and technology firms due to its ability to provide a uniform service across the globe.

Source: Deliveroo

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