Design by Day brands The Great British Butcher

the-great-british-butcher-product-packagin_660Manchester-based consultancy Design by Day has created the branding and packaging for The Great British Butcher range of seasonings, marinades and sauces.

The range is owned by MRC Flava, and products include Crunchy Curry Crumb, Bloody Mary Rub and British BBQ Rub.

Design by Day was briefed to create designs that reflect the company’s British heritage and evoke the idea of a traditional British butcher, communicating ‘good, honest quality’, according to the consultancy.

The logo features uses illustrations of butchers’ tools and seasoning ingredients, with ‘vintage style’ black and white typography.

Design by Day says, ‘Like the product, the packaging is simple, robust and wholesome, balancing both traditional and modern elements.’

It adds, ‘Playful illustrations on the side of each tin highlight the importance of the carefully selected, quality ingredients. Quality flavours for quality meat!’

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