Desk Ready Breakfast Salvation for Capital’s Returning To Work Commuters

Oatsu’s Biscoff Banana named Jiffy’s No.1 breakfast choice

Breakfast’s healthier living renaissance is truly afoot, a ‘slow-release-energy’ foodie movement that first began when stuck-at-home commuters started seeking out compelling ways to jazz up their first meal of the morning whilst staying true to their new, healthier living convictions.  

Oatsu is a new plant-based breakfast opportunity taking the ready-to-eat breakfast fixture by storm by carving out a distinct niche as a portable, all-natural snack that stops discerning ‘time poor,’ commuters from relapsing back into bad snacking habits as they slowly return to office life.  

Launched early 2022 in an array of enticing flavour formats: Choc Peanut, Blueberry & Apple Cinnamon and most recently Banana Biscoff; Oatsu is already making positive waves within the Capital with online supermarket Jiffy recently announcing that Oatsu provides their fleet-footed operation with its 1st and 3rd most popular breakfast options.    

At its simplest, overnight oats represents the very antithesis of traditional sugar-laden cereals, set-in-their ways porridges or curious liquid alternatives, a substantial ‘slow-release’ energy snack made with raw rolled oats that are jam-packed with resistant starch (beta-glucan), the food the good bacteria in your gut feeds upon.

Oatsu is the healthier outlook vision of former HSBC social media manager Lauren O’Donnell who constantly found herself frustrated by the lack of substantial plant-based breakfasts available within the supermarkets encircling her office. ‘Despite being a long-time advocate of preparing overnight oats, one doesn’t always have the time or inclination to spend every evening in the kitchen prepping for the next day.  Having taken my fledgling idea to an Enterprise Nation gathering in late 2019, I was taken back by the overwhelming positivity towards my vision and samples.  I knew then that Oatsu had an exciting future providing the perfect ‘at desk breakfast.’ Three years on Oatsu has made the transition from post-it thought to bona-fide business and I’m so proud that many of my in-attendance, Enterprise Nation peers have gone on to become vocal Oatsu devotees.’

Oatsu may offer a healthier stance at breakfast time but that doesn’t mean that any indulgence commitments have been dialled down.  

Launched late Feb 2022, Banana Biscoff has quickly stormed the breakfast barricades to become the business’s flagship flavour.

Source: Oatsu

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