Desperados Launches First Alcohol-Free Innovation, Desperados Virgin 0.0%

· Desperados Virgin 0.0% offers a new taste experience for the increasing number of consumers who want more choice within the low and no-alcohol category. With 100% flavour and 0% alcohol, Desperados Virgin 0.0% will enable consumers to Live Today, Love Tomorrow.

Born from a wild experiment, Desperados Virgin 0.0% pushes the boundaries of non-alcoholic alternatives and unleashes the adventurous side of beer drinkers. The brand’s first alcohol-free innovation delivers the ultimate refreshment, bringing the Desperados vibe to any occasion – all without the alcohol. 

Offering 100% taste with 0% alcohol, Desperados Virgin 0.0% unlocks a new experience for the growing number of drinkers who want more choice when it comes to alcohol-free alternatives while still looking for excitement and adventure. Perfect for all occasions, Desperados Virgin 0.0% is the ideal drink for those who want to Live Today, Love Tomorrow, inviting people to step beyond the obvious and celebrate the unexpected with great tasting, alcohol-free beer. 

Following the successful launch of Desperados Virgin 0.0% in France last year, Desperados is further embracing the growing consumer demand for non-alcoholic alternatives by rolling out the new product globally. It will initially be available in the Netherlands and Poland this month, followed by Belgium in February, before launching in additional markets throughout 2021.  

Diederik Vos, Desperados Brand Director, said: “Desperados is a brand defined by its boundary-pushing spirit and the launch of Desperados Virgin 0.0% is a major strategic next step on this exciting journey. With a growing number of drinkers seeking alcohol-free alternatives, we are delighted to expand Desperados into the low and no-alcohol drinks category to deliver a refreshing, new taste experience.” 

Desperados Virgin 0.0% will complement the brand’s wider portfolio, including the original beer, Mojito, Lime and Ginger, all combining the beer’s party spirit and creativity. 

Source: Desperados

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