Deutsch Indulge in Some Nut Fantasy

Deutsch have launched their latest campaign for Diamond, called Diamond Nut Fantasies. Recognizing that the average cook rarely get the praise and appreciation they deserve, this series of YouTube spots plays with the idea that baking them a treat with Diamond Nuts could help people transform to be the husband, neighbor, child and boyfriend of your dreams.

The ads were based on research that showed that Diamond Nut customers—two-thirds of whom were women—bake in large part not just because they care, but for the praise and compliments they get. So we imagined what it would be like if everyday people gushed with appreciation for the food they make.

Inspired by sources as strange as the George Costanza boudoir photo and directed by Mike Maguire, who delivers spots that push just over the top, (Go Daddy’s “Your Big” and Allstate’s “Labor”), this series turns your everyday situations into awkward everyday fantasies, purposely leaving you feeling a little weird.

Watch how you can get your greasy, car-fixing boyfriend to run a 5K with you while holding hands by baking him a batch of Diamond Spiced Pumpkin Bread Walnuts.

Remind your husband just how precious your first date was with a plate of Diamond Chocolate Walnut Crinkle Cookies.

Finally, bump that annoyingly perfect-in-every-way neighbor out of her spot with a round of home-made Diamond Seven Layer Magic Cookie Bars.

Regardless of what your everyday situation is, baking with Diamond Nuts can help turn it into your everyday fantasy.

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