Domino’s New Carryout Insurance Plan Offers Food Shoppers Pizza Mind

People who carry out their pizza like to be in control—they make sure the pizza doesn’t sit around getting cold, and that the toppings are exactly what they ordered.

But the one thing they can’t control is what happens to their order after they leave the store. After all, accidents happen. That’s why Domino’s is introducing free Carryout Insurance. Maybe your pizza got cold because you got stuck in traffic. Or maybe your dog grabbed it off the counter.

But no matter what happens to your pizza, simply bring it back to the store and Domino’s will replace it for no additional cost. Because they want to make sure your pizza makes it home perfectly, even if they aren’t the ones delivering it.

The promotion was devised by Domino’s creative agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B).

Source: Little Black Book

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