Domino’s TV Campaign Celebrates the Ease of Ordering from ‘AnyWare’

Domino’s Pizza knows that customers, even celebrities, want to be able to order their pizzas from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Domino’s newest TV campaign, which begins today, features Eva Longoria, Sarah Hyland, Richard Sherman, Clark Gregg, and their favourite ways to order, using Domino’s AnyWare.

“Thanks to the AnyWare suite of technology, customers can place their favourite order via text, tweet, TV, smartwatch and more,” said Dennis Maloney, Domino’s vice president – chief digital officer. “Domino’s newest TV commercials showcase celebrities placing orders on their favourite devices, proving that, for every type of personality and in any situation, there’s a perfect way to order.”

In these celebrity-centric TV ads, Domino’s teams up stars with their favorite ordering method: Longoria through her TV, Hyland with the pizza emoji text, Sherman through Twitter and Gregg with his smartwatch.

Dominos-Pizza-Logo-Font“Domino’s makes it so easy to order your favourite pizza,” Longoria said. “Within a few clicks of a button, or in my case, TV remote, your dinner is ordered – and you never have to leave your sofa or miss a moment of your favourite show. Now, that’s convenience.”

“No matter which way you order, one thing is certain: Domino’s aims to give its customers the best possible experience,” said Maloney. “In fact, Domino’s Android and iOS apps were just named the highest-rated retail apps for restaurants by ARC from Applause, which we couldn’t be more proud of. We hope to continue making our customers happy by allowing them to order from nearly anywhere, on more platforms than ever.”

Domino’s AnyWare is innovative technology that gives customers the ability to order in more ways and on more devices than ever before: via text, Twitter, Samsung Smart TV, Pebble smartwatch app, Android Wear smartwatch app, Ford SYNC AppLink system and voice ordering with Dom. To utilize Domino’s AnyWare, customers must have a Pizza Profile with a saved Easy Order.

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