Double Success for Ks Wors With Launch of Linear Boerie Dogs & Game-Changing Costco Listing

The gradual relaxing of Lockdown inevitably leads to a flurry of garden-based activity as families tidy their flower beds whilst ferreting around at the bottom of the garden to discover the state of the BBQs they popped into hibernation only a few months earlier.


BBQs mean all manner of important decisions need to be made, from which marinades, condiments and side salads to which rolls and meat selections.  But no single decision is bigger than the all-important sausage selection, which is the perfect moment to say a few words in favour of K’s Wors NEW Boerie Dogs.

What’s a Boerie Dog anyway? It’s the slender, linear cousin of the generously-proportioned, tightly coiled boerewors, a noble sausage of Southern African descent that’s so revered its recipe is protected by South African law.

According to K’s Wors co-founder, Dee Mapasure‘The Boerie Dog is a deliciously decadent derivation of the much-loved boerewors, that comes in either straight Beef or a sublime 3 Meat blend (beef, lamb and pork) and whose ‘straight as a die’ proportions are ideally suited to an onion/relish lined bap.’  Like boerewors before them, Boerie Dogs are a tasty, artisanal sausages made from 92% British meat and a generous dash of authentic Southern African spices.’

April 21 also sees K’s make its debut in Costco, a ground-breaking listing, an emotional breakthrough for a business with a proud local deli/garden centre/Afro-Caribbean food store/ heritage that had been taken to the brink of despair by Lockdown.        

Dee concludes, ‘A second nationwide listing has been an absolute godsend for a small, local business like ours, that was born to bring an extra dash of gastronomic wow/World Cuisine appeal to a buoyant yet samey sausage fixture (£861m/ +17%) that has benefitted from a growing surge in ‘small splurges’ and ‘Comfort Food’ pushes as families up their ‘home cuisine’ game to compensate for a void of fantastic pub grub & restaurant meals.   I won’t lie, 2020/2021 has been riddled with ‘dark times’ however Ocado’s persistence in tandem with Costco’s enthusiasm to support our unique sausage offer reinforces my belief that it is neither the strongest nor the most intelligent that survives, but those that are most adaptable to an ever-changing food & drink landscape.’

Source: KsWors

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