Edible Modern Art: Beautifully Designed Chocolates Look Like Colorful Paintings

Unelefante2Mexico-based Unelefante, a delightful online gift store that turns “the ordinary into extraordinary experiences”, has teamed up with Chef Jorge Llanderal and his family to created a collection of beautifully designed chocolate bars that look like brightly colored paintings.

Made with a high cocoa content, these chocolate bars are definitely not your average supermarket variant—the first one in the series is named “Pollock” after the famous painter and has been hand-painted with cocoa butter in eye-catching shades.

Another bar, named “The Secret Garden”, features a sweet coating of “crystallized flower petals, cardamon, and pieces of dried apricots and pistachios”. The packaging of each chocolate bar has also been specially designed to reflect the unique creation it contains.

Head over to Unelefante to purchase these gorgeous chocolate bars—and check out the rest of the shop’s wonderful inventory.

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