Estal presents in UK the innovative and new 100% sustainable Wild Glass colour

• The leading company in the premium packaging market continues to set trends with the creation of this 100% sustainable and optimal colour for distillery, wine, beverages, gourmet and beauty. Wild Glass was awarded last October with the special jury prize at the Prix Luxe Pack in green, held in Monaco, in the Solutions Packaging category.

• This innovation joins other successful Estal launches, such as the groundbreaking Sommelier concept: a bottle design with a minimalist ring profile that reinforces the quality of the wine. Producers can optionally combine the Sommelier design with the new Wild Glass colour, seamlessly matching consumer demands for sustainability in materials, natural beauty in design and efficiency in production.

• Estal is trusted in United Kingdom by renowned spirits and drink companies such as Halewood International and Alltech Beverage Division Ireland, in addition to collaborating with prestigious designers such as Stranger & Stranger, Contagious or ButterflyCannon.

Estal’s commitment to innovation and trend creation is evident in its new launches. The last to arrive is the new Wild Glass colour, with the company wants to respond to current market demands, since it combines sustainability and efficiency in its production and a trendy design, applicable to  distillery, wine, beverage bottles and in general, gourmet and beauty sectors.

This new colour is obtained with 100% recycled PCR glass (Post-Consumer Recycled Glass) and its design is organic and authentic, very similar to hand-made glass, as well as being highly efficient because it does not exclude bottles with cosmetic imperfections. The use of this recycled glass allows reducing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions, since a lower consumption of fuel is required when melting this material than when converting the raw material into glass. It also implies a lower total extraction of virgin materials, since 1 kg of recovered glass is equivalent to 1.2 kg of virgin raw materials.

The use of this new colour also reduces the environmental impact caused by the discards, since in the first campaign carried out by Estal the discard of bottles has been reduced from 25% to 15%. Wild Glass was awarded in Luxe Pack Monaco with the Special Jury Prize in the Prix Luxe Pack in Green in the Solutions Packaging category. Estal has created several shades of colour based on the same ecological glass formula: Flint Wild Glass and Dark Wild Glass.

Cutting-edge, functional and sustainable design

Winemakers can optionally combine Estal’s new colour with Sommelier-designed wine bottles, another of Estal’s successful innovations.

The Sommelier design approach consists of a minimalist ring profile that provides not only a simple and fluid figure, but also generates real functional benefits for its consumer. The Sommelier ring seduces with the simplicity of its origin, which consists in uniting the ring and the body of the bottle by means of a small groove in the neck, which eliminates the protruding ring of the traditional bottle. In this way, a continuous line is obtained from the beginning of the shoulder to the upper plane of the ring. The result of such innovation has clear aesthetic and functional benefits. In the first case, we obtain a rejuvenated bottle that transmits a fluid, dynamic and groundbreaking image, achieving a bolder and high-quality appearance.

The Sommelier concept creates new opportunities for the creation of contemporary and exclusive wine bottles, in line with new consumer expectations. The new ring available in high and low version, allows direct printing on almost its entire length. Likewise, the concept does not imply any change in the capping conditions of the traditional bottle, so the Sommelier ring respects the Cetie standard and allows the same corks to be used (cork, synthetic or others) thanks to an identical internal profile to the standard. Another functional benefit of Sommelier is that, by not influencing the height of the bottles, it does not require a specific weight, so its lightness limits its carbon footprint.

Sommelier has already convinced prestigious French vineyards such as Laurent Miquel, Domaine Auzias and Château Margüi or Spanish wineries such as MontRubí, Born Barcelona, Bodegas Calvente and Pago de la Oliva.

Wildly Crafted closes the latest groundbreaking releases from Estal. This is the new brand of the company specially designed for manufacturers looking for a handcrafted, rough and imperfect look and an industrial production that respects sustainability.

Wildly Crafted goes beyond design: it is an artisanal language that gives brands a new ingredient of value and a hallmark that generates community. The Wildy Crafted bottles, unique thanks to their labelable textures, come in 5 different shapes – Primal, Natural, Brave, Bobber and Bobber Jr – and two types of mouth, Bocachata and Chocker, which stand out for their clean and clear finish typical of manual manufacturing processes.

Estal has convinced Spanish, French, Italian, American, etc. customers with its products. In United Kingdom, it has the trust of prestigious producers such as Halewood International and Alltech Beverage Division Ireland, in addition to collaborating with renowned designers such as Stranger & Stranger, Contagious or ButterflyCannon.

Source: Estal

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