Fanta turned the moon into the world’s largest vending machine

During the early hours of Nov 8, a rare lunar eclipse – known by some as an Orange Moon – shone bright across the world. To coincide with the phenomenon (which is the last of its kind until March 2025), Fanta launched a social media campaign which turned the boring grey moon into the galaxy’s largest ever, deliciously orange, Fanta vending machine.

Fanta 'Orange Moon' from Wunderman Thompson on Vimeo.

Fans in Mexico could use the world’s largest vending machine by taking a photo of the moon and sharing it on social media using the hashtag #Fantamoon and tagging @FantaMx. Community managers for Fanta Mexico verified photos to confirm (or deny) their legitimacy. Once the photo passed the test, a DM was sent with a code for people to redeem their free Fanta at partners McDonalds or 7Eleven venues.

“People have looked to the heavens for inspiration for centuries. You could say this idea fell from the sky – or more precisely, from the galaxy,” said Dany Minaker and Sebastian Tarazaga, Wunderman Thompson Global ECDs and CCOs of Wunderman Thompson LATAM

The work was done as part of OpenX from WPP. 

Agency Lead: Wunderman Thompson 

Global Chief Creative Officer: Daniel Bonner  

Global Chief Creative Officer: Bas Korsten  

Chief Creative Officer, North America: Tom Murphy 

Global Executive Creative Director: Daniel Minaker  

Global Executive Creative Director: Sebastian Tarazaga  

Executive Creative Director: Jared Kozel  

Associate Creative Director: Ransom Haywood   

Associate Creative Director:  Fallon Parker 

Senior Art Director:  Kimberly Blasnik   

Senior Copywriter: Lauren Cesar   

Editor, 3D Designer:  Ryan Rodinis   

Senior Head of Production: Rodrigo Sanchez  

CEO, Wunderman Thompson New York, Global Client Lead, Coca-Cola, Sasan Saedi 

Managing Director, Helder Santo 

Senior Account Director: Dana di Lello 

Community Management:  Ogilvy 

Managing Director, SL&E Lead LATAM: Kaleo Costa  

Head of Social & Performance: Carlos Alonso  

Media Agency:  Mediacom 

Head of Performance LATAM: Florencia Fornica 

Influencer Marketing Lead Media House Coca-Cola:  Alfredo Leyva 

Client:  The Coca-Cola Company 

Client: The Coca-Cola Company  

Creative Strategy Lead, LATAM: Chiara Martini  

Consumer Shopper and Media Manager: Ricardo Sanchez  

Real Time Amplification Manager:  Rodrigo Gayón  

Sr. Manager McDonald’s LATAM: Diego Hernández    

eCommerce Sr. Manager: Christian Janeth Guerrero 

Digital Commerce Sr. Manager: Aurora Amparan 

7-Eleven Account Manager LATAM: Alejandra Castañón   

Corporate Communications Manager: Mauricio Menese 

Source: Wunderman Thompson 

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