Farmer Brothers Launches New Line Of Iced Tea

FARMER BROS. CO. ICED TEAFarmer Bros. Co., a manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of distinctive and great-tasting coffees, teas and culinary products, is set to build excitement by adding a full line of mouthwatering flavors to its iced tea portfolio.

Farmer Brothers’ new line of iced teas — Sweetened, Citrus Green, Sweet Jamaican Tropical, Georgia Peach and Catalina Lemonade — was developed to meet consumer demand just in time for the prime spring and summer season.

All Farmer Brothers Iced Teas are hand selected by independent tea specialists to strive toward providing the highest quality and best flavor in each and every glass.

“Iced tea has always been an American favorite and is one of the fastest-growing beverages of choice today,” said Mike Keown, president and chief executive officer of Farmer Brothers.

“As demand continues to grow in the foodservice industry, we couldn’t be more excited with the development of our new premium and select teas to meet the changing needs of operators and consumers.”

Farmer Brothers’ new line of teas addresses key industry trends and consumer demands. Sweet tea is leading the way in growth and attracting younger consumers. In fact, in 2012, the iced tea category grew faster than soft drinks. Moreover, eight out of 10 consumers surveyed considered the new Farmer Brothers Iced Tea packaging appealing.

These new flavors, in addition to Farmer Brothers’ already exceptional classic American teas, should help operators capture incremental profits and offer the menu variety consumers crave.

“Our direct store delivery and national chain account sales teams are excited to introduce our customers to these unique flavors,” said Tass Rupp, Farmer Brothers tea and spice category manager. “Our tea program, which includes product, equipment and promotions, will help operators take advantage of the high-growth, high-margin iced tea category.”

In addition to the new flavors, Farmer Brothers’ existing portfolio of tried and true iced teas includes a variety of black teas, flavored teas, sweet teas and decaffeinated teas. There is a full line of products to choose from to meet iced tea beverage demands and sales opportunities.

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