Fastest growing meat-free brand BŌL Foods supercharges its best-selling ranges with two new product launches

  • Thai Green Fresh Noodle Pot, available in Tesco. RRP £3.45*
  • Protein Boosting Sweet Potato Lentil Daal Power Soup available in Tesco & Sainsbury’s. RRP £3.25

The fastest growing meat-free brand* and certified B Corp BŌL Foods,  launches two new recipes into stores. The two new SKUs, based on some of the nation’s food favourites, will join the existing portfolio of award-winning, 100% plant-powered recipes that make delicious, nutritious eating more accessible for modern living.

The new Thai Green Fresh Noodle Pot provides stacks of goodness with noodles, globally inspired sauces and fresh vegetables and pulses.  RRP £3.45. Available in Tesco. Joining the rest of the family: Korean Ramen, Malaysian Laksa, Japanese Teriyaki and Japanese Yakisoba. With 39% of UK cutting back on eating out & takeaways* BŌL Foods Fresh Noodle Pot range aims to offer an equally delicious and effortless alternative to the expense and indulgence of takeaway or highly processed ready meals, plus supercharged nutrition. With colourful eating and plant variety now a commonplace recommendation by health professionals, BŌL continue to create new recipes with a mosaic of plant-powered ingredients – a key point of difference for their portfolio. Professor Tim Spector recommends adding colour to your plate and aiming to eat 30 different plants per week. And while many of the population struggle to achieve this, BŌL manage to fit over 20 in these new Fresh Noodles alone, positioning them ahead of the curve of these emerging shopper habits.

Protein Boosting Sweet Potato Lentil Daal will also join the Power Soups line up, a supercharged nutritious recipe now 10 grams higher in protein, 3 of the five a day. With the New Year prompting healthier food choices, the lunch occasion becomes a key opportunity for shoppers to trade their sandwiches for some midday nourishment, and the BŌL Foods Power Soups offer exactly that.  RRP £3.25. Available in Tesco and Sainsbury’s. This recipe joins the rest of the protein and immunity boosting Power Soups: Protein Boosting Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato, Protein Boosting Garden Pea & Spinach, Immunity Boosting Butternut Squash & Chilli, Immunity Boosting Spiced Purple Carrot, and Immunity Boosting Creamy Corn & Sweet Potato.

BŌL Foods Founder Paul Brown says: In 2023, we’ve got a great plan to deliver triple digit % growth, with over £40m in retail sales. Crucial to delivering this growth is continuing to bring great innovation to market and recruit new shoppers into the category with BŌL bringing in 74% incremental shoppers to plant-based. Central to our innovation pipeline is continuing to ensure every pot, jar, and bottle we create is as rich in plant variety as possible. This has always been central to our strategy, but with the positive power of plants becoming being better understood, we’ll be dialling this up to even greater heights.

*YouGov Top Products Survey, December 2022

*YouGov, May 2022

Source: BŌL Foods

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