Flawsome! launches new range of ethical sparkling fruit drinks

Ethical and sustainable drinks company Flawsome! today launches its first sparkling drinks range in the UK, with branding and packaging designed by branding agency Coley Porter Bell.

The three juices – Rhubarb & Apple, Sweet & Sour Apple, and Cherry & Apple – are made from 60% wonky and surplus pressed fruit, completely free from any added sugar or sweeteners. The range is school compliant, BPA-free and vegan friendly. On average one can of Flawsome! will save at least two apples.

Flawsome! is on a mission to fight food waste and encourage people to champion individuality over perfection, by looking for creative ways to repurpose produce headed for the scrapheap into something useful and attractive to consumers. Founded by passionate duo Karina Sudenyte and Maciek Kacprzyk, the brand is inspired by their Grandmother’s tasty recipes which saved imperfect fruit and transformed them into perfectly crafted cold-pressed drinks.

Following a trip to a local farm, the founders’ eyes were opened to the issue of food waste and specifically, the devastating effect that excessive aesthetic standards imposed by supermarket have on the food we consume. To date, Flawsome! has saved over 640 tonnes of wonky produce, equivalent to the weight of 324 black cabs.

Branding agency Coley Porter Bell designed the packaging for the new drinks, having worked with Flawsome! to develop the compelling, positive branding that encourages consumers to support the fight on food waste, including the brand name, brand strategy, design and assets.

Karina Sudenyte, co-founder and CMO at Flawsome! said: “We are delighted to launch our new range of Flawsome! products and spread the word that wonky veg is still tasty! We’re really pleased with the design and packaging that our friends at Coley Porter Bell have developed for us. We hope that our refreshing drinks will make people think about waste in a new way and encourage a more sustainable attitude to their consumption of fruit and veg.”

Sam Stone, Creative Director, at Coley Porter Bell said: “Working on such a worthwhile project has been, and continues to be, a huge pleasure, particularly at a time when we should all be thinking about our effect on the planet. We have designed the brand and packaging to be as eye-catching, vibrant and positive as possible to get people excited about saving the planet, one apple at a time!”

Source: Flawsome

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