GPA Luxury Create A Designer Pack For Don Papa’ Masskara Rum

GPA Luxury team was recently approached by Don Papa and asked to create a designer pack for their Masskara rum.

Unlike most mass market packs, GPA’s creation features a decorated removable element: a fan that can be slipped out and used to keep cool in style. The pack has two halves wrapped in illustrated art paper that pull apart and lie flat. As the pack opens so does the fan, expanding behind the bottle like a peacock’s tail. Clever finishing touches include vacuum-formed bottle fitments and hidden magnets to keep the pack closed.

Don Papa’s Masskara rum was inspired by a colourful festival that takes place every October in the Philippines. Infused with traditional Filipino ingredients, including calamansi and siling labuyo, Masskara is notable for its citrus flavours and spicy notes, and comes housed in an incredibly unique pack, courtesy of Stranger & Stranger, Les Frenchy and GPA Luxury.

Earlier this year, Don Papa approached our team about manufacturing a run of 40,000 Masskara packs for the French market. The challenge was to create a designer box for the mass market; something with all the trappings of the luxury sector that would happily sit on a supermarket shelf. With its distinctive removable fan, our Masskara pack goes beyond aesthetic appeal to demonstrate lasting value for the average mass market consumer.

The pack has two evenly-sized halves which are held closed with hidden magnets and pull apart on the vertical to lie flat. As the pack opens the bottle is revealed and the fan expands, creating a peacock’s tail effect that serves as an eye-catching backdrop for the rum.

We constructed the halves and the base from 2mm greyboard, then wrapped it in printed art paper, adding matte lamination, foil and emboss to create a textured, high colour finish. 

Inside, the pack is coated in art paper printed in a bold matte red that provides a pleasing visual contrast to the busy, green illustration on the exterior. We crafted the fan from 120gsm wood-free paper and used UV CMYK printing to add the design. We also added vacuum-formed polystyrene inserts coated in red art paper – these keep the ends of the fan in place, and allow it to be easily slipped out by the user.

The bottle of Masskara itself is held in a red, vacuum-formed base. When closed, the two halves of the pack offer further stability in the form of neck supports on either side.

Source: GPA Luxury

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